LL Transmission from the Seraphim

Last night, after the first transmission I received a second. This was also while doing the singing bowl meditation during about the fifth and sixth chakra bowls. You will hear them in the recording.

This message is mostly a channeled message. The source is the Seraphim. This is a Light Ship (Galactic Federation of Light) which is positioned just north of the equator on the Earth’s shadow side. The area of its influence is the southeastern U.S., the Caribbean and Central America (Gulf of Mexico).

Like with the other transmission, I experienced excessive tears while receiving the message. The energy was kind and loving but very instructive, like that of a teacher or a mentor. I suspect it came from one of my mentors since the Seraphim is one of my appointed ships.

A big thank you to Rick Ruggles for the magnificent mandala. Check out his other mandalas at Sacred Vision Mandalas.


Channeled message begins around the 2 minute mark. 

Be sensible in this time in which you find yourself for there are many changes, many abrupt turns on this path forward. Do not look back and do not look too far ahead for that which you are going – the direction in which you are flowing – is determinant upon many factors, many of which have yet to be revealed or recovered.

As you seek you will find.

But yet much will be held back, much will be withheld for the sense of too much too soon would be detrimental to your journey and to your mission here. So we ask for you to be patient, to let your heart tell you what you need to know in the time in which you are presently situated. For that is the only time that really matters in this particular instance, in this particular moment and experience for you are learning a great deal, integrating a great deal, and sharing much of that with others. This sharing gives you the opportunity to recognize within yourself and within others a mutual mission, a mutual understanding of your purpose. Without these others, without the joint effort of your family, of your friends and loved ones in this spiritual community which is being reunited and reconfigured within Earth space right now ….. is the most precious gift that you have available to you at this time.

It is unfortunate that many do not recognize this, that many are caught up in upsets, concerns, fears, alienating themselves from the very thing they are hoping to find. It is up to you, it is up to those who are with you, who you have found, who you have united with, to help these others to see, to help these others stop alienating themselves and to rejoin that group which they left, which they forgot.

There are many pressures now, many building ups of intense desires within many who are awakening to a new path on this journey, a journey that many have been traveling their entire lives and only recently recognized. We are here to teach you and to guide you but you must be open and receptive to this guidance. You must learn to shut down that which interferes  – those thoughts, those concerns, those fears, those apprehensions, those desires for self-gratification. These must be must be put aside, otherwise what we say will be limited to that which you want to hear. We fear for many of you are being caught up in this flourishing of a desire to be someone – to be known, to be different. But each of you is special and you’ve forgotten that. You want so desperately to be something unique and something beautiful to the world. You’ve forgotten that you already are and we see you as that. When your eyes are opened and you see yourself in that way, you will no longer be desirous of those things.

We speak not only to those who are receptive but to those who are Receptors, who will be broadcasting these messages through their Beingness, through their energy, through their actions, through their words, through their thoughts, through their intentions. It is imperative, it is of utmost importance, that you do not forget your Self – your true inner Beingness. And as you uncover it remind yourself of all that you have already previously uncovered and add it to that list – to that self-discovery so that you will not forget. And we will offer reminders, we will offer guidance, we will offer everything that you possibly could need in order to achieve that which you came here to do. But if you do not listen, if you do not LOOK with your eyes, your True eyes, with your True Knowingness, then it will be lost and you will have to Re-Remember them, re-discover them. And it can be quite frustrating…..we understand that. Know that we have great sympathy and great love for all that you have been through and will go through in this life you have chosen. Understand that we KNOW…. and we LOVE you and we are WITH you ALWAYs.



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10 Responses to LL Transmission from the Seraphim

  1. I had a dream about a stream that flowed into and out of my house (body/soul) whose water looked like it had light in it. There were symbols that would emerge in the water, swirl and melt away…this was a dream before kundalini rose fully. When I see those symbols they feel so similar to the ones in my dream.

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  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow! I so needed to read this today! Thank you! And I am sad that you made your original blog private. I was enjoying starting at the beginning and reading through your entries. =) Much love to you!

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