LL Transmission: Pleiadian Healing

We are integrating the latest influx of energies right now. Many are still experiencing the major fluctuations that come with taking in these energies, while others, like me, are in an integration phase. Integration phases often involve deep sleep, exhaustion, mental fog, fatigue and sometimes illness (I got an ear infection). This is your body’s way of integrating the Light. If it cannot, if there is a blockage somewhere, that is likely where the illness or symptoms will manifest. Rest, drink plenty of water, and focus on putting into your body only the best to help it integrate the Light.


Part 1: Preparation

Light Language Transmission from the Pleiades. This is the first half and a preparation for reception of codes which assist in the integration of Light. If you listen to this first half and do not feel led to listen to the second half, you likely do not need it or are not yet ready to receive the coding sequences contained in it.

For those of you new to Light Language and codes you may wonder how you will know 1. if it is working and 2. if you need to listen to the second half of this transmission.

First of all, if you are led to Light Language and you have found my transmission, then trust that your inner guidance led you here and to LL for a reason. It is not always evident that the codes and LL are doing anything. You may feel nothing at the time of listening to the transmission. Often times individuals do not feel anything for days and sometimes not at all. I, personally, did not experience anything from LL until after I was activated in May this year. Trust that the LL and codes are doing what they are meant to do.

As for listening to the second half, again you need to trust your inner Knowing. Some individuals will feel tingling, chakra activity, dizziness, tiredness, disorientation, ringing in the ears or a peaceful, floating feeling. Often, one will be drawn to one or more of the codes.


Part 2: Light Codes for Integration


You may notice a repetitiveness about this transmission. This is the codes being repeated over and over. It is also a continuation of the melody at the end of the first half. While receiving this transmission I felt very strongly the elements of water and air. I highly suggested deep breathing or Pranayama breathing while listening to this transmission. After it may be helpful to take a bath or drink water.

Mandala by Rick Ruggles sacredvisionmandalas.com





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4 Responses to LL Transmission: Pleiadian Healing

  1. Laura Moore says:

    Going to try this now for my throat! Thank you!

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    This immediately brought tears flooding to my eyes and Heart chakra activation. I have had this reaction before when listening to someone else singing Pleiadian. When I first listened to Yvonne Perry, I sobbed uncontrollably. It was literally the first time I reconnected to Pleiades and I questioned why did I ever leave? This reaction was a complete surprise to me.

    I got the elemental quality of your transmission. Is it a coincidence that Pleiadian sounds much like Native American chanting? They are also closely tied to Earth and elements. Apparently from my guidance I have learned that I’ve plived several lives as a Native American and in this life have had many aspects of that culture come to me naturally since I was a Chad.

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    • Dayna says:

      (((hugs)))) We haven’t left, or at least I haven’t. Apparently we project here (in stasis). That is what I recalled when I had memory of Lyra and the Pleiades.

      I have had Native American past lives, too. I noticed the sounds are similar. I do not think it coincidence.

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