LL Transmission from Sirius


Last night, during my nightly meditation, I received a Light Language transmission from Sirius. It came on suddenly and so I grabbed whatever I could find to write the codes as they came to me. So please excuse the poor quality of the code image. Construction paper and a blue crayon were all that I could find. lol

The transmission is short. The first part is spoken and the second is sung. I am beginning to feel the specific quality of the source of each transmission now. Sirian is usually staccato but has a flow and rhythm that is quite relaxing when it comes through. I almost always want to sway or move with it.

This particular message was a warning that there is another wave of energies headed for Earth which will push the intensity level up another notch or two. If you are struggling with the energies as they are now, you have about a week to get adjusted. Push, push, push was the feeling coming from the transmission. No more nudging, no more coddling. Expect to be pushed.

The second half of the message is encouragement from the “Seven Sisters” (Pleiades). This is my home system so often the Pleiades come through in the transmissions. Be advised that all systems are working together to assist mankind at this time, so regardless of the source of the transmission, they have the same mission.

Credits: Thank you to Rick Ruggles (sacredvisionmandalas.com) for the light-encoded mandala he created for this transmission. ❤


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7 Responses to LL Transmission from Sirius

  1. Zarah says:

    Thanks for sharing! ❤

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    This is really getting interesting. I have had to stop responding to your posts. I feel like you were put on my radar to catch me up to speed, now I can almost predict what you are going to write… but now this. I was riding home. with hubby in his truck when LL started to flow into my head. I let it come through while he was out of the truck, but when he got back in, I stopped. It kept coming so I wanted to distract myself and thought I’d read your blog. Well, that didn’t help…

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  3. herongrace says:

    Interesting that our last new moon 4th. July, your birthday, U.S! sun and moon very close to Sirius.

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