Light Language: Preparation Invocation

I received two transmissions of light language this afternoon, one right after the other. Since I was laying down at the time, I did not write the codes until after these transmissions ended.

The first came from Sirius and when I asked what to name it I heard separately, “Preparation” and “Invocation”. So that is what I named it.



The transmission after I did not get a name for but I think it was a continuation of the first one, so we can call it Part 2 I guess. This one is language only, no melody. It also is very different from the first but when I ask where I should say the transmission is coming from, I still get Sirius.

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One Response to Light Language: Preparation Invocation

  1. kittyasmith says:

    Cool! Sirian is very staccato, quite different from Pleadian. I have only spoken Pleaidian to my knowledge. Love it!

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