Choose Your Truth

As I was being pummeled by energy once again last night it became apparent to me that there was a  reason why I was not working at this point in my life. To hold down a job, full or part-time, would be impossible. Yet the consideration that I would soon need to find work continued to bother me. When? I didn’t know but I have been applying for jobs here and there but have heard absolutely nothing. This is out of the ordinary for me but I was/am not upset by it. I totally don’t care. In my heart I know that path is not my path right now.


Dream: Choose Your Truth

The situation was apparent before the dream was. My children were being withheld from me. The older two were the only ones present, though. Where my youngest was, I don’t know. The terms given to me were that I needed to “fix” myself because who I was, how I was behaving, was not acceptable. It was not “normal” who I had become. People don’t talk openly about aliens. People don’t talk about “contact”. They don’t suddenly stop caring about “normal” things. Everything I was becoming was a threat to them.

The scene materialized. I was at my mom’s house in my old room. The terms given to me were that I needed to go back to work because that is what people did – that is what good parents do to provide for their children. I felt suffocated by this situation. There were two other girls staying in this place being “helped”. They, too, had to find work in order to get their lives back.

I remember considering going back to work as a teacher. I even said point blankly that it was easy to do, could be done and would solve all my problems. But I was in a quandary. I didn’t want to go back to that kind of work. Yet if I didn’t, I knew my children would be taken from me permanently. At that moment, the woman who had taken them from me seemed both like my own mother and a CPS worker. I felt threatened by her and powerless. My thoughts continued to shift between the love I had for my children and the situation I found myself in. I saw very clearly how I was allowing this woman to control my actions. I saw very clearly how fear of losing my children was holding me back.

My choice was simple: do not be pulled into the power play. Release myself from the situation by letting go of the very thing I feared to lose. Only then would the tables turn and I regain my power.

Then the dream shifted and I was with the two ladies. My choice had been made and I was discussing with them their own similar situations. Work was needed, that was obvious, but not at such a high cost. There was a sense then that the woman who had taken my children was no longer a threat to me and our last interaction was civil, the feeling of dread replaced with a neutrality.


When I woke up I had a very strange knowing that this dream was a preparation dream. The me who was emerging would not be acceptable to those currently close to me in this life. The dream may be an exaggeration of this, but the feeling is the same. Out of this rises the consideration of my responsibility towards my children and all that is connected to that. Yet those very connections present a problem that is already visible from the point where I now stand.

The recognition of the changes already occurring in me hit hard at this time and a knowingness that more changes are coming and swiftly caused a fear reaction. Not a huge one, but fear was present. Fear of what is to come and what has to be done for me to detach myself from those energies that do not resonate with my own. And what is really peculiar is that I am detecting the energy differences more and more as my own vibration shifts.


I saw very clearly this morning that the changes everyone is talking about – ascension, shifting into 5D, whatever you want to call it – they will not complete in my lifetime. Earth has a long, long way to go. I remembered the year 2080 and knew even then that the changes would not be complete. This process is gradual and will take many generations. I knew also that my own changes (transformation) would be complete in this lifetime and though that gave me some relief, it did not make me feel any better about what is coming for Earth as a whole. So, so many are not ready.

And “contact”, which everyone seems to be talking about, it is not what most people think. It is not in the physical sense. We as a whole are NOT ready for that. We would not survive. It would throw our world into instant chaos. There is too much fear still present. It would be the likes of  WWIII, civil war and population extermination combined. Not what the Keepers of Earth want for us. Contact in that sense would be counterproductive.

Instead, contact is limited to a direct linking-up of consciousness with those who are ready for such connections. Once established, the link strengthens and initiates an acceleration of consciousness into the Whole. We become One with Them which in actuality is US.

And though They may appear in many ways to us – E.T., energy, consciousness – they are simply US. We must look past appearance, lose our reaction to them. Only when They become commonplace to us will They will be allowed deeper penetration into our Being. When this happens, our vibration rises, we close the energy gap, and true change can be initiated. This is not just change within us but planet-wide.

Before I got out of bed I heard distinctly, “You will receive a present today.” I actually saw the UPS truck and laughed. Gives me something to look forward to.


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7 Responses to Choose Your Truth

  1. Durinda says:

    So much seems to fall away on this journey. You do start to feell the difference in others frequency in reference to your own. I have always felt this journey is not for the faint of heart.

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    • Dayna says:

      I asked why I didn’t have these experiences earlier on in my journey. I was told, “You would have fractured even more.” It would have been too much too soon. I needed to peel some of those layers away first.

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Dayna, this is by far the most helpful post I have ever read from you. It ties together many things I am experiencing and information I have received from other sources not connected to you. It gives me a picture of a timeline (although time is a thing we experience on Earth, not in the bigger picture) which I find very helpful to understand what I am to accomplish.

    It has occurred to me that parents of underage children would have a difficult time because of a spouse or outside person would translate these actions as insanity. I have been advised by my own council it is important to have a “job” of some sort showing an income not tied to my deeper spiritual work- specifically manna and alchemy. Further clarification shows that a recurring income, such as book revenue will be an answer to the question. With a residual income, your time is free to do your “real” work and the attention is off of what that is. Get creative. (that last part was channeled.)

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks, Kitty. Hoping this is not an immediate issue but I am receiving warning after warning that once my K rises fully there will be lots of change.

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      • kittyasmith says:

        I believe that to be true, Dayna. Try not to anticipate that change will be bad or sad. Just change. Trust that your highest and best interest (and that of those you love) is the ultimate outcome. ❤

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  3. herongrace says:

    You and other Messengers like you Dayna are very brave coming out and speaking your Truth.
    I started to notice a couple of years ago that there was a growing polarisation ocurring between those who were becoming more aware and the other group still in denial of what is happening around us.
    Of course once we start noticing what is ocurring, there is no going back. What you share of your experience helps the rest of us.

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  4. Losing a child was a very real reality for me. I was hit hard with a series of tragic events that flattened me….and yet, I had to be flattened in order to break out of the suffocating denial of a false self. I had to be injured so I had time to unfold. No ashram for me: “That man won’t stop…he needs an injury, it’s all that will slow him down” they seemed to say. And? Absolutely necessary! I then took more time and it was such a blessing. I wish we had a Westerner version of the ashram where we all could go on retreat for a year or so…work to keep it all running…but support from others who get it. No dogma. I can dream can’t I?

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