Light Language Transmission: You are Safe, You are Loved

The energy did a dramatic nose dive for me last night yet I felt guided to accept an inflow of light language. This specific message came from the Pleiades and was directed to those who are and have been struggling this year with the intense energies that have been pummeling Earth. Specifically, since the solstice, these energies have been hitting us hard and demanding we change or else face continued upheaval within our lives and Selves.

This transmission, therefore, is one primarily reminding us that we are loved, we are safe, and we are not alone. Listening to it will help you release the mental constituents which may be limiting your movement forward and will allow you to more fully settle into your heart space. As is such, you may find this particular transmission different from the others I have transmitted. It’s mood is calm and quiet and there is a soothing tonality to it. I felt relaxed afterward, as if I had just been sung a lullaby.

Below are the symbols/codes which came through. I noticed after drawing them that the number 6 shows up twice at the very beginning of the transmission. Angel number 6 encourages balance between physical and spiritual aspects of life and Self. It also reminds you to remain centered in gratitude (the heart). The number 6 is also about Trust. Trust that your material and financial needs will be provided for. It encourages you to focus on taking care of yourself and living your life’s purpose in every moment.


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2 Responses to Light Language Transmission: You are Safe, You are Loved

  1. Durinda says:

    I love to hear light language, it speaks to my soul. I recognize a couple of the symbols, as I drew a couple of them myself a while back. Simply beautiful.

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