The pummeling by this inflow of energy (stream of consciousness) is on day four now. Every night I am so exhausted that I can barely function. Yesterday I even took several naps, which is unheard of for me unless I am sick. Any time I am asleep I am busy talking to someone(s) and very active. Even during my naps yesterday this was happening.

Every night I am approached by my Council. Every time I wake up, They are there, usually with messages. This was the case this morning. I feel inclined to pass this one on.

Council: Natarya. Amurhi Amaryia.

Council: We will have a Gathering soon.

Me: When?

Council: August.

Visual: Saw lights streaking across the sky which I interpreted as a meteor shower. Then I saw very clearly a bluish hued disc (UFO).

Then came loads of Light Language streaming in along with light code (symbols). The only code I recall now looked like the symbol for the planet Neptune.


When I heard the word Natarya, I saw it also and it was underlined and in blue, like what one would find online indicating a “link”. I took this as a sign to Google it when I woke up, which I did.

Natarya is Arabic for “sacrifice”.

Amurhi is Sanskrit for “at that time; then.”

Amarya or Amaria was difficult to find. In Sanskrit there is the word, “Amara” which is similar and means “immortal” or “eternal”. I also found a Biblical reference to Amaria as being a place in Biblical times, though where it is located I don’t know. It was also the name of a priest and I found one meaning of it to be “the Lord has said.”

In researching Amaria I also found a link to Ezekiel 11:19 which says:


So it appears I was hearing a message in another language. It seemed to be a combination of Arabic and Sanskrit but since I am not linguist I have no clue. I am just happy to have found some level of understanding in my search.

What the message says then is something like, “Sacrifice. At that time, the Lord has said.” And I assume the product of which is receiving a new Spirit. 🙂 Pretty cool.

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