Into the Grand Hall

Yesterday I was hit with such an enormous exhaustion that I could barely keep my eyes open. The tiredness crept in around 5pm and increased gradually as the night progressed. Since my husband is away, I was unable to sleep when I wanted to. Yet, still, I found myself curled up in bed while my children were downstairs watching television. I actually dozed off more than once, interrupted over and over by my youngest crawling in beside me and babbling away. By the time my children were tired enough to sleep (9:30pm) I was so drowsy that even my typical bedtime routine was skipped.

Into the Grand Hall

Despite being extremely tired,  one of my Council members approached me and escorted me into the “Grand Hall”. The memory here is faint, but I recall knowing this place and recognizing the gold and white colors and massively high cathedral ceilings. When I arrived inside the Grand Hall, there was a massive, golden colored table that seemed to extend for a mile in front of me. At the end was a very prominent figure who I immediately recognized as Yeshua. He appeared like many of the Catholic paintings portray him, with a light that radiated off of him and a pure love emanating from him. I remember stopping short and saying to my Council, “Come on, really?” The last thing they said to me before I fell asleep was that they had a proposition for me.

Around 3am I awoke from a disturbing dream, my root chakra active and my left arm completely numb. I was confused a bit by the dream and understood its significance within moments of wondering about it. I won’t go into detail about it now, but the dream was the result of the purging of the remaining vestiges of blockages contained therein.

I returned to sleep only to awaken in the midst of a conversation within a lucid dream turned in-between encounter.The conversation was between myself and one of my Council who was difficult to see but whose energy was familiar and very large. I wish now I had take the time to write it down while it was occurring, by the extreme drowsiness was still present and I didn’t even want to move.

The visuals are the most memorable here, so I will start with those.

The Return to the Original Blueprint

I was inside a room that reminded me of a very old library. It contained the tallest bookshelves I have ever seen. They went to the ceiling and there were more than I could count. One of my Council was there talking with me. He told me about the process I am currently going through. He explained that I am in the process of Returning. I capitalize the word because it is a stage in a process, one we all go through and that many are currently going through. The process can be best represented by the infinity symbol, because there is no beginning and no end but a fluid process in which one experiences themSelves. He told me that I was about to Return to my original blueprint. I didn’t understand this – what blueprint? He showed me a great explosion of the Self. Like a starburst. From this starting point one fractures off into a multitude of pieces/aspects of the Self and is much like an expanding outward from a single point. The single point is the “original blueprint”. The explosions of Self are the many subsequent blueprints that are created.

It was explained to me that the many lifetimes I have lived, lifetimes that would seem to have degraded me slowly into a lower vibration, or a less pure version of Self, are a transformation in themselves. I have been transforming “downward” though this is not accurate since the transformation of Self that occurs in physicality, via subsequent evolutions of the original blueprint, were purposeful and an expression of the original blueprint, though it may not seem as such.

Now, however, it is time for a reversal, an implosion of Self sorta speak. All that was learned via the fragments, the successive blueprints and/or personalities/experiences, are returning back to the original starting point. With them comes vast amounts of learning, vast expressions of Self all formulating into the Whole unit from whence they came. Yet the Whole is transformed with this reunification. It is enhanced.


The Bhagavad Gita

With this, my Council pulled out a very large and anciently bound book. It was huge, bigger than a small table. He told me, “While you are preparing, you might as well read up on your history.” I wondered what he meant and heard, “Bhagavad Gita.” Of course, this threw me because I knew of the book but only from the Ancient Aliens television series. And “my history?” Huh?

I knew instantly that this book contained information on the End of Days and knowing this it was confirmed that such a time was upon us. Now I didn’t really want to hear this, yet it was familiar. I had heard it before, read the Book of Revelations, been led to other similar references to the “End”. Sigh. Here it was again, in my face.

And again it was said that this Return process was related to the End of Days. That many would experience what I am experiencing, but then also many would not. “We” are the Chosen (I really hate it when they use this term). Those who will not experience the Return will stay. They will experience the End of Days while we will transition.

I suppose before I react I should just read the Bhagavad Gita. Then maybe I will have perspective. Yet I really don’t want to know. My Council knows this, too. They said it is not my job to want to know. It is my job to report. Okay so that’s what I am doing.

And with all this came a return of the ET phenomena and “Other Worldly” contact that has seemed to be on hold for so long now. Despite not wanting to believe any of it, my heart tells me otherwise and then I am just in awe of it all. Who wouldn’t be? And then my Council member showed me himself in the form he most often takes – that of a blue hued Being with three fingers and very thin arms and legs. Very tall and very much reminiscent of some kind of insect, except not. I knew instantly he was Arcturian. And he said, “We are Many” and Elohim came into my mind again. I wondered if I would ever be allowed to truly see him, since his face was often hidden from me. I knew at some point I would.

I Remember that he/We have been caretakers of Earth and I recalled my History in brief all the way back to before Atlantis. When I Return it will be with/to my original blueprint. Though I do not fully understand any of this I accepted it. Honestly, I have no desire to know this stuff. I prefer to feel it/experience it. That is my focus. The specifics behind it, though fascinating, are just a distraction for my human mind. In fact, this whole incarnation cycle has been a distraction. All I care about it the process I am undergoing now. That is my purpose.

The Essenes 

There was a vision that came on suddenly that I almost forgot to mention. I opened a door and standing in front of me was a man in a robe. It was familiar to me and I instantly knew he was an Essene. In recognizing this, I knew the Essenes had something to do with my history but I was not interested. Again, these details mean little to me. But perhaps they mean something to one of you?

Other Connections

I couldn’t help but notice a theme coming from my Council and guides. India/Hinduism. First there was the suggestion that I take Tumeric. Then Ayurveda came up. In my lucid dream experiences with my Companion I often find myself in settings reminiscent of India. Now this reference to the Bhagavad Gita? Why?

I was told that of all the information here on Earth, that which stems from India is the least degraded. Though there is still a degradation, the traditions and information contain the most Truth. I asked if perhaps I needed to go to India. This was cautioned for the civilization in its current state cannot offer me this Truth. It is the history upon which it is founded where that Truth can be found.

Also, I can’t help but wonder why Krishna is blue. Is it connected to the Arcturians and other ETs who have that coloring? Hmm.

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9 Responses to Into the Grand Hall

  1. truthcodex says:

    Thanks for blogging, Dayna! I’ve also just met with Yeshua in a dream-state. I’ve heard several others recently have as well. Energies are shifting… The time for action draws near. 🙂

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  2. trillia1 says:

    Regarding Lord Krishna’s color please read about His home on Sirius A which explains much on my blog… I think some info shared there will benefit you dear Dayna… ❤ ~ Trillia Gia

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mollyb111 says:

    Third times a charm with you today. Wow, all great!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. herongrace says:

    Wow that’s interesting, the Return. I’ve never considered the Return to our original spark blueprint, but it makes sense. Krsna an Arcturian is possible. Your dream with the big books reminded me of a dream i had a while back of going along to see a spiritual leader speak and passing a stand of a few beautiful metre square boks which caught my attention.

    Liked by 1 person

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