Light Language Transmission: Invocation of the 3 Brothers

Around 9am this morning I felt a distinct shift in the energy and its effect upon me was noticeable immediately. Not only did I begin to feel odd – as if Spirit were trying to contact me – but I also began to space out. I had to drive my children to their summer school and on the way my entire upper body began to tingle with energy to the point that I felt as if my upper half were numb. Along with this strange sensation I was feeling extremely grateful for this life and everything in it. My heart was soaring with gratitude and I felt pulled into the sky, the clouds seemed almost to be calling me. This left me later feeling even more spacey which I resolved by exercising. I had to cut it short though because I suddenly grew very tired and got dizzy.

Since my third eye and heart chakra have been very active today and the feeling of change kept creeping into everything I was doing, I took a moment to lay down and meditate. Only I ended up dozing I guess because I suddenly became aware of being in the in-between talking with someone in Spirit who gave me the name Luke. I suspect he was an astral projector, one of many who assists others via the dreamstate. I have encountered them before but never during a meditation! lol

He told me and also showed me what it is I have been sensing. He said tonight a “stream of consciousness” would arrive at Earth. He said currently it is “approaching Earth”. In my mind I saw a yellow stream, almost resembling a musical staff but it moved and had a misty quality to it. He showed it coming into the left hemisphere of  the brain and moving through to the other side. He said, “It will last until Sunday.”

Now fully awake, I asked him if this was what I have been forewarned about. He told me it is a preparation for that and that not everyone will experience this consciousness stream. Some won’t even notice it at all while others will have profound knowingness. He said for me, that which I had been forewarned about would come on suddenly and with ferocity. That I didn’t ask to know. lol

Then I began to have Light Language come to me. So out came the paper and digital voice recorder. When it was finished I was told to title it: Invocation of the 3 Brothers. I have no idea who the 3 Brothers are but I three distinctly different personalities came through, which you should be able to discern as you listen. I do believe the first was Arcturian, the second Pleiadian and the third Sirian. I like the Sirian the most – very soothing, calm, energy. The Arcturian felt very strong and firm. The Pleiadian felt familiar and similar to the Sirian.

The message began with a greeting (Arcturian) and then went into the planet’s history and Earth’s part in the universal Plan. When the Pleiadian personality came through, there was a sadness and a mention that we (Earth) were being helped. I nearly began to cry at this point (3:33) in the transmission. Then my own personal timeline here on Earth was linked to the collective consciousness timeline of the planet.



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6 Responses to Light Language Transmission: Invocation of the 3 Brothers

  1. herongrace says:

    Very beautiful channelling Dayna. Perhaps that stream is why I could not sleep last night. Also strong moon.

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    I had forgotten until now, I had a lght language transmission last night! I had another today when I performed my daily Gaia blessing and healing. I would record them, but they came at times when I did not have my phone handy.

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  3. sophia kuzminski says:

    Intense, light language for myself as well. Downloaded with information to help prepare US, who are of the Light. Thank you,C for sharing for as I go through my connection with the Cosmic energies and you go through yours, it TRUELY CONFIRMS our MISSION OUR….EXPERIENCES are So Very Real….continue to Share the Light.

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