Foundation Period

I have been on vacation for the last three days, so I have not had much in the way of experiences to report. However, last night it was back to vivid dreams and messages.

Dream: Getting to Know You

I was on a date with a young man with black hair. He was familiar and in the dream I kept assuming he was a man I dated in the past, but I know he wasn’t. We had a long discussion, getting to know one another. I don’t recall what we were discussing in the dream, just a feeling of him being a professor-type, or someone who teaches. I was learning from him but he was also learning from me. So it was like an exchange of information – a getting-to-know-you encounter.

We were talking about writing and he opened up a large book and said he enjoyed the book but it was full of typos. He showed me one. It read, “Perscistence”. Then he showed me the word was misspelled time and time again in the text. I told him I was better at editing than whoever edited that book was.

We were then at his house in the basement. I woke up in my own room and was just about to wash my face and get ready for the day when he burst into the room and asked me to come into his room. I was wearing a white towel and so was he and felt a bit nervous.

In the bedroom he lay down on the bed and I could see his backside -totally naked. I saw him and laughed to myself and knew his intentions. I turned away. I had tons of thoughts running through my head. I would have loved to get intimate with him but the timing felt wrong. We hardly knew each other despite the feeling that we had known each other forever. A part of me wanted to begin where we left off and another part wanted to take it slow and get to know him. I chose the latter. I did not want to ruin anything by rushing.

I told him this by simply saying, “Not yet.” He instantly understood. I just remember him smiling and a feeling of understanding. There was a telepathic knowingness here. A message of encouragement and complete love.

Then three women came in and I was embarrassed because they were his sisters. There was a leak in the bathroom nearby. So, I went into my room again and shut the door. I did not realize he had followed me. I turned around and he embraced me (so much for taking it slow! lol). I don’t know how I was able to resist but I did. My heart all the way down to my root chakra lit up and I became instantly immobilized. I could barely breathe. Wow.

Somehow I was able to resist, though, and reiterated that I thought we should take it slow. There was too much we didn’t know about each other and things he needed to know. In my mind all I wanted to do was get to know him, have long talks, go on dates, etc. Quite funny considering the other urge I had was to jump head first into an intimate relationship.


When I awoke my entire lower half was aching, like I had the worst gas of my life. lol I was discouraged because I knew I had just put off another Kundalini rising. Sigh. Yet there was knowingness that I needed to put it off, the lower chakras were disconnected – whatever that means. And it sure felt like it! Ouch! I also knew that this getting-to-know-you period was necessary – a foundation was needed. The overall feeling I had was of a friendship unlike any other and it made me smile. It was nice to wake up smiling. 🙂

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