The Proof is in the Pudding

I woke again at 4:30am this morning. I’ve lost track of how many days in a row this has been happening. Since I wake up feeling rested and wide awake, I assume that 6 hours of sleep is all I need right now. So be it.

Dream: Visit From an Ex

My family were traveling to a vacation house. I was in the car with a dark haired teenager who appeared to be a bout 16 years old.  We were struggling to get radio reception. I accessed music via some other means (my mind?) and listened to it while he tried to find a station he liked. The music I heard was classical music. 🙂 He found a station eventually but the message coming from it was that there would be a temporary interruption in normal programming. lol

We arrived at the vacation house. As I settled in I saw there back covered porch and was admiring the spaciousness of it when I noticed a familiar face. In the dream I saw snapshots of this man in my mind, like text messages or something. The first, a younger photo, was the one I recognized but the other two pictures showed him older, aging. In one he was holding my two oldest children in his arms.

I knew him! The recognition was instant and I thought, “David. That’s David.”

I thought a bit on whether I should approach him and then decided I would. I went outside and sat down but didn’t say anything. He looked my way and I smiled at him and he paused. When I saw recognition in his face I said, “David? Is that you? Wow! It’s been a long time!” He smiled and we hugged. Then we commenced to catch up.

I told him about my children, my husband, my life, etc. He told me he was still not married but was dating three different women who all had children hoping that one would end up being the right match for him. He seemed a bit down about not being married yet. I remember he had wanted that with me.


Behind the Dream

There was a lot of “thinking” going on for me while I was talking with David. I was trying to figure out who he was exactly. The me in charge of the dream knew him without a doubt, but the me observing was going, “Which David is he?” lol

The me in the dream had a history with this David. The observer part of me was able to recall various dreams in which he had been present. The two memories combined painted a complete picture. This David was in fact part of my life.

Then there was also a thought, “Why did I see a picture of him with my two older children?” There was a Dave I dated prior to meeting my husband. He was the one I thought he was in the dream while I was talking to him. Yet he never met my children and he did not look like that Dave. The answer seemed to be that he was my guide, David, and the energy signatures matched. This guide was around me prior to the birth of my youngest and he did look like the man in the dream!

If you’re confused, I’m sorry. It is not confusing to me at all. David, my guide, is David from another timeline. Dave, who I dated in this life, is not connected to David at all but my conscious mind substituted him for the other man to make sense of it all since in this life Dave was a potential partner that never manifested, just like in the other timeline. It also explains a whole hell of a lot about the dynamics of my relationship with Dave (this timeline). lol

In the other timeline, after I divorced my ex-husband, I met David. It was one of those relationships where we were not good for each other but we also couldn’t get enough of each other. Lots of lessons and upset but also lots of passion. We probably broke up a dozen or more times. lol He eventually left me because he couldn’t handle it, which was understandable. In the dreams I had of this timeline I often woke confused, thinking I had somehow forgotten or missed out on the “love of my life”which really upset me. hahaha

In this timeline he acted as a guide to me during my spiritual break. This was while I was getting my Master’s degree, was struggling with negative working conditions and had two young children. This is why there was a picture of him with my two children in the dream. 🙂

It also just so happens that Dave and David (this timeline) looked similar.For all I know, they are the same individual (energy), too.


Are you as blown away as I am? lol This is beyond amazing to me! I had dream after dream about David for a period of time. When I woke from these dreams I would be in complete panic trying to figure out what happened to my life. I was convinced that I had this entire relationship saga yet couldn’t find it in my conscious memory anywhere. And I always woke up missing him and wishing things had gone differently.

This was so many years ago that I had forgotten all about the dreams. Some were OBEs, too. Yet in this particular dream and upon waking it all connected. There is was, clear as day!  The complete picture. I have no doubt now about the existence of other timelines. OMG I am so excited about this!

Also, I know without a doubt that my timelines (or timelines in general) are converging (collapsing). It never made much sense to me until now. I hear my guide say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Ha! True.


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6 Responses to The Proof is in the Pudding

  1. litebeing says:

    I have also dated a few Daves/ Davids and usually have some Davids in my life. I do not understand these collapsing timelines. I do understand that in dreams we sometimes substitute people for other people to convey the needed messages. Glad this was revealing for you!

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    I also do not understand the collapsing timelines. Substituting the word converging helps… keep going, I will get it eventually. :0)

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  3. mollyb111 says:

    Dayna, can I give a try to describing collapsing timelines? For me, it’s all of the lives and letting go of the ones that had been serving us (3D) but will not for who we are becoming (5D). It’s also like having two lives in one yet if we hadn’t of awoken, we’d still be on #1. What used to be past or even future and the now one’s in multiple realities yet really it’s all happening, NOW. It’s almost as if we have to “play” in the timelines for some time (usually in our sleep and not always remembered) before we line up to a new, correct timeline. This is also manifesting – finally we can bring it forward. Often we don’t have to do anything but at times our choices now link us to the other realities and if those stories will continue to play or will stop. It’s complicated yet all works together in harmony like a woven basket. We are also gathering soul aspects along the way to create the newer version of us – what’s needed now, what we place in the basket. It can seem like an endless adventure, mystery and then a-ha’s that explain so much (when it all links up). Heads spinning yet…? Yup. I’d bet you will do a much better job making this simple/clear 🙂 Thanks for letting me practice, lol.

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