Persistence Continues

The persistence of my guides continues. Another early morning for me. Yay! 😦

I had communication around 6pm from my guides that was a simple, “We will see you soon.” This occurred while I was taking a brief meditation break. While meditating my entire crown lit up with energy and then the energy slowly moved down into my throat. I felt energy coursing down into my esophagus. It was the strangest feeling! Then the energy moved into my shoulders and back, down into my heart, solar plexus, hips, legs. The only place I didn’t feel it was my root chakra. The energy was warm and tingly and very relaxing.

Then as suddenly as it started it just stopped. The only energy remaining was in my crown.


Wide awake and unable to remember anything about my dreams, my entire head, neck, shoulders, upper back was buzzing with a warm energy. I had a feeling of total disappointment. A song was in my mind, specifically, “You’ve been lonely too long.” A very strong, unfamiliar presence was to my left. I was too tired to ask who he was but he was saying, “We are helping you. You need to prepare.”  Too tired to care what they had to say, I fell back to sleep.


I awoke suddenly, as if startled awake. For a moment I did not know who I was or where I was, completely disoriented. Then a surge of memories came flooding into my mind. They were dreams, lots of dreams! Like an entire night of dreams. And they came in order from most recent to least.

I remembered that before waking I had been learning to read. Yeah, I know, weird. I had a tutor or teacher and was practicing sounding out words one letter at a time like a beginner reader would do. The particular word was – Hiclot. Specifically, the word was separated and I saw the letters very clearly. That was the word. I wrote it down just to make sure I didn’t forget it. I think maybe we were practicing nonsense words. lol

That particular memory gave me a shock, though. Not because of what I was doing but because of why.

Then the dreams came piling one on top of the other. I won’t go into them all as there are at least six very detailed dreams. The main one that was causing me to be a bit anxious was the following:


I was in a highway tunnel. There had been an accident and cars were all stopped and people wandering around. I was walking through the scene but had not come from a car. It was like I was just placed there. I saw a woman sitting next to a trailer. In it was a body covered by a white sheet. She was telling the officer thank you and then sat down next to the body of her loved one. I went up to her and gave my condolences but was overwhelmed because this body was one of many, many dead bodies I had seen. It really upset me. Why was I seeing so many dead bodies?

That was when the man under the sheet sat up. He was not dead but had been. He came back to life. He was very tall (over 6ft), blonde and completely naked. I remember when I saw him that I looked up at him and he looked angelic to me. Perfect. I gave him a hug but his left shoulder hurt him and when I pulled back I saw it was dislocated.

Now, in and of itself this dream was not upsetting. It was just another dream. But considering all of my dreams had a similar theme – someone dying and coming back to life or someone experiencing a complete personality shift – it was clear that my guidance was trying to get across the same message they have been sending for a while now. Also, the person from the above dream was in multiple dreams, sometimes a man and other times a woman, sometimes me and sometimes not me.


All of the above came into my mind in about 1 minute. It was like a flash of memory and recognition, literally. Then I heard the guide to my left say, “Crisis tends to push us forward.” Huh?

I hate cryptic messages like that! And I am mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted from this nightly onslaught.

Earlier this morning I was nearing panic and thought that for sure if I wrote about my experiences everyone would think I was being visited by Team Dark (TD) or some evil entities trying to play with my mind and shift my vibration. But now, upon reflection, I recognize that is not true. Not at all.

I was not being told things that are negative at all. I just took them that way. The guide was the one who told me in an OBE, ‘sometimes you want cereal‘. I think his job is to get my attention, which he does, but also to help me stay centered in my heart. Meaning I need to stop overreacting. lol

So if I remain objective, the messages he brings are just information to use as I choose. He and my Team want to prepare me for what is to come. From what I can tell, it will be like a death and rebirth cycle in many ways. My fear of the unknown throws that all out of proportion. I needn’t do that to myself.

Then there are the messages I want to hear that throw me off balance, too. This is because I begin to think they are just a result of my Ego because in the past when I heard what I wanted to hear that was the case. This is also a sign that I have shifted into my head. Yet when I shift into my heart I get the same information. Jeb says, “You will get what you want. You always get what you want.” hahaha He’s right.

So What is to Come?

I was asked a question: What are your most memorable moments from this life? I spent a good part of the time from 4:30-6:30 discussing this with Jeb. He told me that this along with everything else (regrets especially) will be something I am presented with during the “event”. I recognized it as a life review, and he confirmed. I also knew this was part of the inflow into the crown chakra that I have been shown. It amounts to every lifetime I have ever lived all at once. So literally a “thousand deaths” (probably more). I recognized also that each guide in this lifetime is me in another lifetime. So I will effectively become all of my Team when this “event” occurs. The me who comes out the other end, well, who knows what she will be like. Definitely changed and probably a bit disoriented.

And I can’t help but think that all of this might be a test to see if I get caught up in expectations of what is to come. I choose not to do that. If this “event” happens, great. If it doesn’t, great. I am beyond caring at this point. Bring it on.




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14 Responses to Persistence Continues

  1. kittyasmith says:

    In recognizing, now, my own experience, I find yours so similar and so different at the same time.

    I did not know about my walk-ins. I was oblivious… for my greater good. I certainly might have been “committed” had I not been kept out of the loop. This did not fit into my old belief system. SO, as this current walk-in took over, I still had no clue what was happening. As a result of following your blog, this seems to have saved me a lot of discomfort. From where I stand now, I am able to distinguish the walk-out and recognize the differences in our personalities. I can see where she begins and ends and where I do. What I find to be REALLY great is that I now can let go of the parts of her that do not serve this mission. Previously there had always been residual personality traits left behind, masking the exchange and preventing my progress. She was too rigid to push past. So the work was delayed until such a time that the walk-out could see and drop old beliefs that held no truth. This began for me January 31, 2014 and this will be my last incarnation on this timeline.

    In your case, you are completely aware of the exchange, but the “unknown” seems to be what keeps your walk-out in resistance. I have a feeling once you are there, you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

    Sending you love and light.

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    cryptic messages… oh my gosh yes, often. Also reminds me of Inception and the layers of dreams. You are busy! Amazing what is happening now for you. 🙂

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  3. Bloem says:

    Burning candle incense and sage for you

    Love and light

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  4. GAF says:

    Ok Dayna, here I am with another message (and believe me, all sorts of things went through my pea brain while reading this and the Divine has told me much of it absolutely applies and yet I’m only allowed to say certain things, grr, lol).

    So, here it is:

    You were being brought messages, not so much of a personal nature, but of more of a 3D / 4D collective nature.

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    • Dayna says:

      Okay. That helps. Thank you. ❤

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      • GAF says:

        (Ah, my muzzle is being loosened… a bit)

        Ya know the Biblical stories of “raising the dead”?! It’s not literal, it’s metaphorical. It’s my understanding the Essenes referred to the unawakened as “the dead”. So… wake ’em up / raise ’em from the dead.

        Ok (and the following is a little “news” tidbit for anyone / everyone really)…

        First, my “Gaia Portal” post:

        I was urged to do that post to point out little subtleties in meaning / info / communication in mostly the Eireport message but also a little bit of Gaia Portal.

        So, Eireport spoke of the “… in the end, speeding up the awakening of all…” I explained that where / when that whole process speeds up is AFTER someone wakes up.

        So, anyone and everyone who is “in 4D”, basically, you have had your initial awakening and are “on path”, regardless as to where you are on that path and for how long, 4D is speeding up now. It could be said that 4D itself is “more awake”, there’s much more “energetic information” for someone’s knowingness to get a clue from. The collective conscious internet sort of thing.

        So, people who wake up will be on the fast track. 0 to 60 in record time. Ya know.

        And, these days, the “path” is rather well trodden by many a light worker. Information abounds. Get someone awakened and empowered and get them in the mode of following their own guidance and finding their own answers and they’re set.

        So! Where will light workers get their biggest bang for the buck concerning moving this human ascension project along? PUT YOUR ENERGIES TOWARDS WAKING PEOPLE UP! Just get them to catch the spark, “light one candle” and, these days especially, they’ll be quite “self-propelled”. Just hand them the ball and they will run with it.

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      • Dayna says:

        Yes, I remember reading that post. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of it.

        I don’t think too much in terms of all who are awakening right now. It is all about me right now, or at least until it isn’t all about me. Maybe that is why I was told I was ready and had moved from “self-serve” to “full services”. I still laugh about that comment. lol My guides – gotta love em!

        I’ve been on this journey since 2003 so this speed up is not new to me – had it then but I took a long detour. Now I’m finishing what I started. I recognize the death and birth is not literal. In fact, it reminds me very much of the Christ Consciousness, etc, etc. Getting too caught up in all that makes my head spin and I have enough on my plate right now. I am being pummeled from all directions by energy, guides, and 3D crap. Yay for me! Ugh! lol And I know/sense that the “shit is about to hit the fan”. There is only so much I can take and I think if my heart gets anymore intense that I will eventually break in favor of shutting down my 3D life. Boy oh boy, oh boy. Crap.


      • GAF says:

        (I’ll preface what I’m about to say with – duality exists… until it doesn’t…)

        Dual meaning of Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity. Which do you choose?

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      • Dayna says:

        I assume it will be a “crisis” since that is what my guide referred to it as. And then it will also be an opportunity for growth and movement forward. Good thing. It is like the bird being pushed from the nest. Maybe he will fly? Maybe he will fall. Who knows. Hoping I can fly?lol


      • GAF says:

        Choose. Commit. Surrender. Take the leap. Let go.

        That’s all that is required / being asked of you right now. Just allow the Divine to work through you.

        There will be many who are not as aware as you who will be having “crisis / crises”. At that moment is when they could use some guidance so they can SEE the opportunity presented by the crisis.

        All that is asked of you is to be Present and do what the Divine asks of you in every given moment as far as what to say to whom when. Just the right info at just the right time. Mundane-level you doesn’t need to be concerned or get all worked up or work really hard at anything, just let the Divine work through you.

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