Persistent Guides

I was awake again at 4:30am and couldn’t return to sleep. I slept very deeply and only recall the last dream I had, which I think was the reason I was awakened. When I woke up I felt so very tired but my heart was full of this warm energy and mind was in overdrive making sleep impossible.

Dream: Losing My Mind

I was in a holding room with others like myself. I didn’t know where I was but it didn’t seem to bother me and I was calm. There was a young, dark haired woman sitting next to me. She had with her a piece of paper which she had written on. It was a pamphlet from a place that resembled either a mental institution or a retirement community – in other words a place where people lived and were kept secure/safe and did not interact with the outside world. I read what she had written on the bottom but I forget what it said now. It was positive.

I turned to her and asked her if she had been researching such places. She smiled and was eager to share with me who she was and what her research was about. I don’t recall that now (of course) but I do remember that I introduced myself to her and said, “Nice to meet you! My name is…(hesitate) Dayna.” The hesitation here is that I was trying to decide if I needed to use my legal name or my spiritual name. I chose the latter. Then I remember that I had not asked her name and said, “Your name is Desiree, right?” She said, “Yes. Destiny.” The names are foggy to me, so I am not 100% sure those were the names.

I was led into a doctor’s office and asked to lay down on a metal table. A white sheet was placed over me and two doctors stood over me, one man and one woman. They instructed me to focus (meditate) on particular areas of my body, which I did happily. Their primary interest was the lower chakras but I don’t remember what they did pillsas I was focused on meditating.

When finished, I sat up and the male doctor spoke to me about my lower (root) chakra. The woman gave me some pills, about 9. They were small, yellow, gel capsules. She asked me to take my medication on schedule and then asked if I had been doing so. I told her straight out I was not because I did not have insurance and wasn’t going to
get it for a pill that was unnecessary. She did not argue with me. There was a feeling I would be back in for a check-up later and that the pills were to make sure the doctors were not exposed to an illness I had. I remember feeling disconcerted at this point.

I was then ushered into a room and the dream shifted. In this dream I found myself to be in two places (superimposed dream again). The first was in car driving down the road with my daughter driving and me helping her steer. I was unable to drive and we had to pull over to the side of the road. My family was concerned about me because of my inability to function normally and were asking me questions.

While in the midst of this dream scene I would shift into another scene in which I became a young child about the age of 7 or 8. When I shifted into this other scene I felt to be in a child’s body but I was not in physical form but more of a gel-like or plasma state. While there I would talk to another me in physical form. I saw that I had long, shoulder-length blonde hair. We looked identical. The me in physical form could sense me and talked to me, asking why I was there. We had a full conversation with one another. I would shift between the two scenes fully as if they were both very much my reality. The only part of the conversation I recall now is being warned that “they” were not to be trusted and that “they” would try to put me away for a long time.

Toward the end I was shifting so much that my sense of reality blended and my family (from the first scene) was becoming very concerned about my sanity. They were trying to convince me that I needed help. The more they questioned me, the more I questioned myself and began to get worried.


I woke with a start, worried. The dream itself was not the source of my upset, it was what was behind the dream. I knew it was a warning and there was instant memory of what I had been told not long ago about how the soul exchange would affect me. I would suffer a sort of amnesia afterward. This was then clarified. It was explained that I would be “reborn” and it would mean that I would have to re-learn how to use this body and mind. I would appear very different to my family and they would be concerned. There is a very real chance that I would be urged to seek help or even pushed into “help” that I did not need.

I know my husband won’t put me away in a mental hospital but my mom would. That is just the way it is. It became very obvious to me then why I was with him at this time. He, of all the people I could be with right now, would be the most open to the changes that will result. Still, though, I should not allow even him to push me into anything that does not feel right.

It has been over a week now of guide-interrupted sleep. Plus, yesterday, I had two individuals give me information out of the blue without me asking (this never happens!). One message was, “Slow down. Don’t do anything you don’t feel 100% about.” The other was, “You are about to COMPLETE (full embodiment)”. On top of that there were synchronicities abounding that even I could not dismiss. Tom Kenyon came up twice within an hour from two unrelated individuals. Finally, I had someone ask for a reading and then two others request help as well.

This morning all of it is hitting me full force. My guides want to make sure I am not missing any of their messages. Never in my life has my guidance been this persistent. They are using all their resources to get through to me. Obviously, what is about to happen is a big deal.


Almost OBE

I tried to return to sleep but so much information was coming to me that I actually had to ask for help. It worked and I drifted into a lucid dream in which I was reclined in a chair and my youngest was in my lap snuggling. While sitting there, my root chakra began to light up and I wondered why. This is when I sensed my counterpart to my left. I could see and hear him and I asked him, “What are you doing here?” He responded, but I can’t remember what he said. I tried to get OOB and out of the chair to go to him but then heard very clearly my cell phone ring with my husband’s ring tone. This pulled me back into my body and I could feel the vibrations intensely.

My root chakra had energy bubbling out from it and my entire spine was buzzing. My heart and third-eye were also active and I felt the energy in my root begin to rise up into my second chakra. Then an energy helmet formed and I felt completely encapsulated in warm, comforting energy.

Unfortunately, my youngest came into the room saying, “Mau-ie (mommy)” and interrupted. Yet even after he left my root was bubbling with energy.

Information Overload

There is so much more that happened this morning but I have not been able to process it all. Connections abound. I am seeing the puzzle pieces fitting together. Puzzle pieces from years of this journey. Dreams, OBEs, messages, synchronicities, people I’ve met, etc. Wow.


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