I took a day off posting yesterday. I actually had an entire post ready and then decided not to post it. I slept better but still had intensely vivid dreams and messages. The day was a strange one energy-wise also. Lots to process.

Last night was eventful, too. I was exhausted and asleep by 9pm, so that was different. The exhaustion hit me mid-day and was the kind that made my eyes instantly heavy.

I did my meditation and when I finished I turned on my side and attempted sleep. I got a vision of a line of animals of all kinds – bears, wolves, deer, squirrels – you name it, they were there. When I recognized the vision, I came out of my reverie and noticed my root chakra was buzzing. My guide asked me to pay attention, so I did. Then, my heart chakra lit up. I could feel a warmth spreading across my entire back. Moments later, my third-eye lit up. All three of them buzzed with warmth and then I felt the energy of each chakra connect along my spine. When this happened, I could feel my other chakras join, but with less intensity. I wondered what was happening, I just heard, “We are preparing you.” Yeah, okay. I have heard that so much now it makes me yawn.

I attempted to sleep but my guidance didn’t want me to. The point of keeping me awake was to discuss following my heart, cleaning up my life, making decisions, etc. None of which I wanted to talk about but I humored them.

I saw a very vivid vision of a completely naked man sitting with a wooden bowl between his legs. I thought he must have been using the bowl to puke or crap in and was disgusted by the vision at first, thinking the message was that what I was thinking/saying was a load of crap. lol They asked me to reconsider. With that, I knew the naked man was a Shaman. Why were they showing me a Shaman?? My first thought was Ayahuasca. Really? I remember getting upset because they responded that it would be helpful to me and reminded me it was available in the U.S. My reaction was that my husband would never allow it nor forgive me if I were to take it. Nope. No way. Yet I had the impulse to do it anyway, in secret – to keep it from him and face the consequences after. Then my mind went into overdrive with questions, worries, etc. I finally had to give in and tell my guidance I would remain open to it. This not only calmed me down but then they let me alone.

I was allowed to sleep then, but had a strange dream.


Dream: Avocados and Hummingbirds

In the dream I was with a group and we were going through avocados and taking out the seeds. There were some without seeds which I thought was interesting. I was very drawn to the avocados green coloring and liked the idea of seedless avocados.

Then I was listening to my guide. We were discussing my life and a choice I needed to make. With this, I saw a small bird nest and a brilliantly colored bird flying back to the nest to help one of her babies which had been reluctant to jump out and learn to fly. Although the bird appeared large in the dream, its wings were moving so rapidly that I knew it was a hummingbird. I didn’t see the baby in the dream, I just knew it was there. I also knew it was part of the message. I was like the baby – reluctant to take the leap of faith that led to learning to fly. Ugh.


When I woke up I was not in the mood to talk, yet my guide was there asking me questions and keeping me awake. There were visions in between the conversation because I kept falling into the in-between. I recalled another dream in which I was standing in snow also. All the messages seemed to indicate that I have been stalling and avoiding something. I could not bring myself to acknowledge that something fully, though.

I kept seeing my life as split into two distinctly different lives. It was like a split screen in front of me. This is not a visual I am unfamiliar with. I have seen it before and back then I didn’t want to see it either. On one side is “reality”, or the life I was brought up to believe is my life, or the life I should want. We can call it 3D for lack of a better description. This life is composed of my current family – husband, children and circumstances therein. The other life I see is in complete contrast. It is a life that is not completely clear to me. It is like a dreamworld in many ways because when I look at that life I feel happy and fulfilled and there is interest and curiosity. I want to be in that life. We will call that life “potential”. But honestly, it is not clear to me what exactly is contained in that life.

In the past I chose to return to the 3D version. I know what that life is like. I have lived it, it is safe, it is secure and predictable to an extent. The potential life, the other choice, is less predictable. It is more unknown and that scares me. So in the past, I have rejected it.

Now I am being asked to think about these two lives again. This is why I don’t want to talk to my guides about it. There is a new development regarding this choice, well not completely new but new compared to the last time this decision was upon me. Now I have this amazing feeling in my heart. It has been especially strong this last week but intense ever since I left for Mt. Shasta. It’s a pulsating, you-can’t-ignore-me-feeling. It is so amazingly wonderful that all I want to do is follow it. But it says “choose the potential life.”

So I spent a good amount of time telling my guidance that what they are asking of me is just crazy. If I go with the potential life it means all kinds of upheaval, change, risk, etc. And then I think of this amazing heart feeling and ask them, “How do I interpret these feelings? How do I follow my heart? Is there some kind of method to this madness?”

I didn’t like the answer. lol

I suppose there comes a time when you can’t ignore what your heart is telling you, no matter how much you want to.

I am being bombarded with information and messages right now. I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. I understand I am being prepared but this is getting really intense. There is so much information coming to me, so many messages, feelings and impulses that I can’t process it fast enough. The compulsions are the strongest I have ever had. My heart is overriding my head. I am assured it is a good thing.



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13 Responses to Choose

  1. truthcodex says:

    I love your description of the ‘potential life’ vs. the ‘3D life’. Very well said. That’s what I’ve been offered as well. Completely let go of the ‘3D’ and flow within the potentials, or as my guides say, experience higher vibrational quantum reality streams.

    I’m told this is where abundance is, where physical reality becomes very much like a dream-state, and where the heart is truly satisfied. But we need to leave all that other stuff behind and truly let go. This may mean letting go of people, places, or things. We can delay the letting go part as long as we wish, but the feeling within the heart will only get stronger.

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    • Dayna says:

      Thanks. Potential is much easier than saying “higher vibrational quantum reality streams”. lol 🙂

      The letting go I’m all for, it is just the not knowing what the future holds that holds me back. I struggle to trust all will be provided as needed. There are too many “what if’s” holding me back still. But, as you say, the heart intensity only gets stronger. I am nearly unable to breathe at times and it is so inviting that all I want to do is follow it. It does make it easier to listen, at least.

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      • truthcodex says:

        Haha! I guess that’s true. Potential is a lot easier to say, hadn’t really thought of it that way. Also, I find it very synchronistic this post is called “Choose” and one of mine just a couple days ago was called “The Choice”. Pretty much the same thing!

        Yes, the unknown. In 3D the unknown is a fearful thing – that big bad world out there, and all that. So I keep asking my guidance what the potential life unknowns are, and they give me answers like “what can a dream contain?” I suppose the short answer is “everything”… Everything the heart yearns for. Such a contrast between those worlds. 🙂

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      • Dayna says:

        Yes, I remember your post called “The Choice”. 🙂

        I am receiving the same info. The heart is leading me to my innermost desires. It is my compass and right now it is saying, “Go”. I have been avoiding it for a while but it is so intense right now that if it keeps this up I will end up dropping everything and following it.

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Okay, okay, okay…. IF I actually got my blog going, we would all sound like one person, 3 IDs. I am in the midst of exactly the same thing. I ‘want’ to. I don’t know how to proceed. If I let go of all the 3D stuff that I know is in the way, what do I do next? I have guven permission, I have made the choice, I have even let go of the emotional needs and attachments. I said, “Show me the path and I will go.”

    Go where? And I don’t find communication as direct. I wish I could have conversations as easily as closing my eyes. I have requested direct communication. I really have to work hard at getting the messages.

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    • Dayna says:

      We won’t know until we are called. That is how it works. I know the feeling, have experienced it many times. For me, sometimes it is an audible voice but mostly it is a very intense feeling, like an internal push. It is undeniable. You will KNOW when your instructions come in. I am waiting and have a sense of what/when mine are. Yay – not really. I don’t look forward to what has to happen.

      The reason we just can’t do it all now at once is because the others, those who choose to stay in 3D, they have a part in it. They have to be ready and it is not for us to push them or force them before they are. So our move happens after their move (whatever that may be). So really, we are waiting on them. I am going to be sure to tell my husband, “Hey, thanks for making me wait so long. Wink. Wink.” lolol

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      • kittyasmith says:

        I already know what I am supposed to do, I even know what is supposed to happen to facilitate doing it. I DO have a choice, but if I choose to wait until I have things set up how I physically can see it working, I am delaying the outcome. To let go and leap is just a bit more than I can handle. So I requested clear guidance. Since my earlier comment, something happened today that I was told was “conditioning” me to take the step.

        I really can’t be more clear, this inolves another person and this is too public.

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      • Dayna says:


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  3. GAF says:

    Ok, now… did you see the comment I left for TTP here:

    When I first started reading your post here, I was told to make you aware of that comment. In rereading it myself, I’m not quite sure why, but perhaps you’ll know.

    And reading everyone’s comments here makes me smile. Yep, ya all will be waiting on some of it because of the collective, but that’s not for you to focus on now. One foot in front of the other. But you can and will be able to, and are being urged to, COMPLETE (or as Dayna has been saying – full embodiment) before others wake up / heal or whatever. When you are complete you are the utmost of being in the world but not of it. THAT is when you REALLY have some major influence in this whole collective ascension process.

    And… I’m just gonna say it – you’re basically going to be finding / making your own replacements (boy do I know that all too well), as in, you complete, then you do service work until there are enough other folks far enough along to spell you off. Then we might just get some REAL “wave action” here, one wave after another who are actually allowed to ascend IN FULL and completely vacate 3D.

    I’ll tell ya all right now, your progress brings this weary soul (me) great Joy. It makes all my hard work seem so worth it. You’ll come to know that too as your “replacements” get up to speed.

    But yep, it is time for so many to be like The Fool in Tarot and do just that – take the leap. At this stage for you all, “the leap” is really nothing more than committing to this process and being open and receptive to the Divine guidance and yes, actually follow it. Choose / Choice indeed! Believe me, fighting / resisting it will be WAY more painful / a struggle / irritating than just flowing along with it.

    Let go of much of your busyness / DOing and spend more time being still and quiet and when the guidance comes, follow it. You’ll come to find how very EASY life then becomes. There’s a whole lot less motion / activity / tail chasing / wheel spinning when you just give yourself over to the Divine and follow its guidance – remember the old line “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your (mundane-level you) plans”. In many ways you’ll find it a breeze. Like I’d said on my blog, time to segue from Surrender on through to Reveling.


    • Dayna says:

      Thank you for this. ❤ It is good validation because after I wrote this the upgrades during the night seemed to stop and then I was back to "WTF? Did I make all of this up??" lol It is like the Knowingness goes into hibernation for a time but then today everything is in sync as if the universe is saying, "No, you are right on track. Don't doubt yourself."

      And thank you so much for doing your part – finding your replacements. 😉

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      • GAF says:

        Thanks for being one of those replacements. Sounds like a band name huh, “The Replacements”. New cd on iTunes. lol

        Trust and Flow!

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      • Dayna says:

        lol I can’t wait to find my replacement(s)! Gimmie some of that purpose already.

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      • GAF says:

        There ya go! That’s the attitude. Git ‘er done! lol

        I feel like you were my assignment today. 😉 lol

        Ya all, each of ya… things are REALLY clicking right along now… and that’s all your fault! 🙂 Thanks for working on you.

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