From Self-Serve to Full Service

So much to post….again. Last night was a plethora of crazy dreams mixed in with messages, energy and E.T.s.

Prior to bed the last few nights, I have been doing guided meditations from this website. Last night I chose a pranayama breathing meditation. While I didn’t notice anything significant about the meditation other than feeling breathless by the end, I was told this morning by my guidance that it was purposeful and helpful for the process I am currently going through.

Superimposed Dreams – Again

There was so much going on in dreamtime last night that I am not sure I can remember it all! Again I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept hearing conversations, words, phrases, etc and seeing crazy visions. I don’t recall specifics now because the dreams far overshadowed any of the experiences prior.

retrotvDream: Switching Planes and Arriving

This was the first dream of the two dreams superimposed over one another. In this one I was transferring between planes. I did this several times. Some planes were large and others small. There was a man with me holding a very tiny, portable T.V. set, one of the early models. It was boxy and he used it to transmit messages/images. I remember he was with me the entire dream and we conversed quite often but I don’t recall our conversations now other than an image of walking down the stairs of a small jet that had landed at a tropical destination and a discussion of a coming storm.

When we arrived at our destination I skipped straight to the place I would be staying. It was very clean and white. There was an entire sequence of events related to me not understanding why I was there and feeling unprepared. I remember the location started with a “T” and I had never lived there yet I was suppose to live there now, I was told. I looked around and there was quite a few odd things like looking at the washing machine and baking large cookie cakes for three children. One of the children was telling me I had won a prize, too. Odd.


Dream: Pair-Bonded

In this dream I was with three other individuals. The environment is hard to recall. All I remember is there was low light and I recall seeing runways or roads. My main focus was one individual who did not look completely human. In fact, in the dream I knew he wasn’t human. He was completely bald and his skin was pale with a bluish tinge to it. He had large eyes and a regular looking nose with a thin-lipped mouth. There was someone talking with me about him and informing me of what had occurred. I was confused by the feelings I had for this man. They hit me suddenly and now I was completely fixated on him for some reason. My heart was ablaze and all I could think about was being with him.

I watched the man (for lack of a better word), unable to take my eyes off of him. He was beautiful to me despite being very obviously NOT human. lol The man talking to me (I never saw him) was explaining that this man was finally understanding human romantic connections because of me and his connection with me. He was embracing the human emotional reaction-attachment, human love, because of it. It was explained that we had been “pair bonded” and that this would temporarily disrupt the energy dynamics of the group. I remember looking at the other three individuals standing to the side and feeling like, “Oh no, I have to introduce him to them.” I had questions about the interruption and was reassured that such interruptions were common and the group would understand because they all knew how very special a pair bond was. There was knowing here that the group would extend their energy to him. The feeling here was that to be pair-bonded was similar to having a mate for life. The couple is energetically connected in a way unlike other bonds. It is very, very special.

Awake at 4:00am – Again

Like the other nights, this dream and the very obvious E.T.s in it, woke me with a start. I immediately thought, “He is Andromedan. I was with Andromedans!” Then I wondered, “Am I an Adromedan? Nooooo.”

With these thoughts I felt very uncomfortable and there was this pulsating energy hitting my body along with a very strange sound that reminded me of of chorus of cicadas. The sound was muted as was the feeling but I felt pummeled by the energy from all sides and angles which made me a bit disoriented. Plus, I was thinking, “OMG! WTF.”

The man from the pair-bonding dream was so very vivid in my mind. I was reminded of an OBE in which I saw someone similar looking at me via my own reflection and speaking to me. And when I thought of the dream, my heart buzzed with energy and my sacral plexus tingled. My lower back, upper back and hips were sore as well.

So I’m laying there trying to figure out what is going on. I am not scared but I have this very odd feeling that makes me think I should be scared but then I am unable to be scared. Weird! And I am not alone. My Council (12) is there as is my Companion. My Companion is right up in my face, very, very close and intently staring at me. All I see is the Andromedan from the dream and my mind is really racing. My Companion is saying, “You are ready. We are ready.” And the energy from him is hitting my heart chakra and very calming and nice. And I keep thinking, “I am scared” and he says, “No you’re not” and I try to find the fear feeling and it isn’t there. I know I am excited and hear, “We have been planning this from the beginning” and I know in my heart he means from our first separation/split/birth.

There was an influx of information here mixed with light language. Some is lost to me now but the main part was a message about where I (or a part of me) was and why. I knew I was on board a craft of some sort receiving adjustments. I was with the Pleiadian Conglomerate being attended to by Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians, and hybrids races of all kinds, specifically Arcturian-Avian hybrids.

The energy was calmer now so I asked why I felt bombarded by energy. I heard a distinct voice say, “She’s talking about the energy beams from the crystals.” I saw two very large crystals with a bluish tinge to them. Then I saw that I had been inside some kind of chamber and there was an egg-shaped energy ball surrounding me. It was generated by the crystals and crackled. The effect on me was feeling as if I was being bombarded by energy from all sides and angles. It really was odd! I still don’t know where the sound came from. Maybe it, too, was from the energy? I also had a distinct image of the merkabah in my mind, specifically of the top pyramid descending.

My questions were answered before I finished thinking them. I wondered what would happen to me. I saw a visual of a beam of light entering via my crown chakra, shooting directly into my heart chakra. I was told something akin to my mind retaining all memory but my heart gaining a new mind, similar to being replaced. This made sense to me.

There was more but I can’t recall it now. Maybe it will come back to me later.

catfishDream: Catfish Space Craft

Somehow I returned to sleep. I found myself in a small house. I knew I would be staying there and I was looking over it. In the main room I saw a tiny roach. Someone was with me giving me information. I remember seeing the roach and thinking it was not normal. I thought about stepping on it, but hesitated. It scurried under something. When I looked up at the thing it ran under I saw a massive aquarium that went from floor to ceiling. The man with me was pointing out the gigantic catfish inside. He told me the cockroach were from the catfish, like scouts. He asked me to look at the fish. As I did, I noticed that they were not fish at all, but some kind of underwater submarine or maybe even a space craft of some sort. The front of the fish, where the eyes should have been, were row upon row of windows showing the many levels of these craft. It was so alien looking that it woke me up immediately.

Upon waking I heard someone say to me, “Welcome. We are pleased to meet you and excited to show you around. You have entered (lost name but thought of Australia and being “down under”) the third door on the left of the Cosmic Ray.”

Huh? lol Totally confused, my back still hurting and my head buzzing with energy, I tried to go back to sleep. But every time I closed my eyes I was bombarded with messages, visuals, etc. There seemed to be no escape. lol

I heard, “You have gone from self-serve to full service” and saw a gas pump. This message made me laugh.

What a completely crazy night and morning.



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