Dreams and Experiences

I had trouble sleeping again last night. Took me until midnight to fall asleep. This is two nights in a row now. I suspect it is because I have changed some things. For one, I stopped the one cigarette habit I had. It is easy, since honestly it’s not a habit. I was asked point blank to stop by my guidance. So I listened. I was also asked to clean up my diet. For me, the biggie is not using Splenda. Ugh. I like my coffee sweet and now am using Stevia which, as you probably know, is quite bitter especially in coffee. And in the other places where I normally use it, I now mix Stevia and honey. And no, I don’t have to stop coffee. I only drink a cup a day, so it doesn’t pose an issue. I am also not suppose to take any drugs. For me, that’s really is not an issue but at night when I can’t sleep I usually take Benadryl. Well, that’s a no-no, too, apparently. Other than that, I haven’t changed too much since I was doing pretty good diet-wise (patting self on back).

So why the changes? Apparently, it is to prepare me for the exchange which is “imminent” according to my guidance Team. The toxins need to be flushed and my body ready for a massive influx of higher self energy. Some of my friends who have experienced a soul exchange told me that they were not prepared and their nervous systems were pretty much fried after the exchange and they suffered quite a bit of mental and physical stress and strain as a result that took a year or more to overcome. I can understand because one of my more intense Kundalini episodes, which hit my heart and then shot down out of my root and up out of my crown, left me in a strange “high” state and then I got sick for two weeks with a sinus infection. I don’t normally listen well to suggestions by my Team to prepare my physical body but I am this time.

Dreams and Experiences

The strangeness continues. In meditation last night I saw a flash of white light that resembled a shooting star. Within a minute of seeing it I heard a single, audible tone that reminded me very much of the clicking sounds I heard in a dream. I don’t normally hear audibly so it brought me completely out of my reverie and caused my heart to speed up. Not that it was scary but it was unexpected. I had not been meditating long and was not at all tired, so I can’t say that I had fallen into the in-between.

As I continued to try to sleep (which was difficult) I would receive bits and pieces of messages. For example, I got one single word, “incentive”, which I caught and then after a space of a few moments heard, “to be married”. As with last night, I also found myself seemingly intercepting another person’s thoughts/dreams/experiences. So weird!

Another odd experience that caught me off guard is hard to describe. I believe I must have been experiencing both my physical and astral bodies simultaneously for at one point I felt something in my mouth that was quite large and was inspecting it with my tongue. It was probably the size of a pea or almond, so pretty big, and it felt like energy to me. At the same time I felt something in my physical mouth but it was just a speck of something, not even sure anything was there. It was really bizarre because it seemed like I was two people experiencing the same thing in different ways.

Dream: Computer Upgrade

I had an entire dream sequence in which I was shopping for a new computer. In selecting the new computer, I was presented with a brand new, silver Macintosh laptop. I remember thinking it was too expensive and someone showed me the price tag – $700. But my old computer was fried and needed to be replaced. The discussion was that I needed to exchange my PC for a MAC OS3 (operating system 3). I was also shown the model number which was 00400.For some reason when I saw the model number I attributed the zeros on each side as myself and my counterpart connected by the number 4. There was at that moment very clearly a memory of looking at the clock on the wall. It showed 1:11. There was with this a feeling of being in a time crunch. I needed to hurry up.

Superimposed Dreams

I had two dreams that occurred simultaneously. It was as if I experienced them as two different people but at the same moment – superimposed one over the other.

The first was a dream about being in high school. I was about to graduate but realized I had been assigned to special education by mistake. I was not SpEd! I requested to be released and was told I needed a letter and it would be done. There was a date – May 15th – and school would be out the end of May. I asked why I was in SpEd and was told that my math level was low and I needed special remedial instruction because I had learning gaps from 5-6th grades. I was furious because to be in SpEd indicated that I was “slow”. lol The funny thing is that this whole conversation occurred while laying in bed surrounded by my children who had woken me up way too early – 4:30am – and I was yelling at them, “Why do you keep waking me up so early!! I’m tired of this!” Note: Just so happens I had been awoken prior to this dream at 4:30am.



The second dream was completely different. I was observing a group of individuals who were in the woods. A man had taken a woman and a man who were a couple that had been separated and put them on giant slingshots (it was actually a trebuchet/catapult). The couple were in two completely different locations in the woods but each had been shot into the same cabin from a tremendous distance. The woman arrived first and had gone straight through a large window. Though she had been cut by the glass and was bleeding, she was fine. The man came next and landed right in front of her on the wood floor. When he saw her, he recognized her as his partner/wife but was shocked to see her in such a state. He felt he was the reason she was cut and bleeding and so meant to protect her by keeping his distance. He jumped to his feet and began to run in the opposite direction. I watched this unfold as if it had already happened in the past – like a re-cap. Then I was “sent” to watch the rest of the group, who were traveling from different locations to gather. I watched a man on an ATV driving through water and at the same time witnessed another group heading toward them from the other direction.


The computer dream is obvious. I am preparing for a major upgrade. Tossing my old operating system for a new one. The next two superimposed dreams suggest that I was being shown more about my life and the circumstances in which I find myself. There is some indication that I feel unfairly held back by my own lack of preparation. There is also an indication that my “group” is in the process of gathering despite being separated by physical distance. I suspect the couple represents myself and my counterpart. I would be the one cut up and bleeding.  And the slingshots just makes me laugh out loud. It does feel like I am being propelled toward him.






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4 Responses to Dreams and Experiences

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Wow… double wow! 🙂 🙂

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Wow, what a night!

    I had wondered if anyone else has been directed to change diet. I too have been allowed my morning coffee, I still use regular sugar, but this is pretty much the only thing I have it in. I have been directed to detox my liver (first the kidneys, then liver where the real issue lies) I have also been told that animal flesh is too dense for my body. I had already cut way back, so it too difficult most days.

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    • Dayna says:

      I have been directed to alter my diet many times and most of it was already done. I just had been holding onto a few things that needed to be dumped prior to this next surge. I have done several detoxes since 2014.


  3. sophia kuzminski says:

    Love w Jen I can enter your state of visitations

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