A High Energy Night

Strange night. I could not fall asleep. The energy was high for me. My physical body was hot. Energy covered the entire top of my head and forehead. My heart chakra kept flaring up and for some odd reason my back hurt at the space behind my heart. It felt like someone had stabbed me! When I tried to relax to fall asleep, my mind would activate and all kinds of ideas, thoughts, visuals, scenarios – you name it, popped into my head. And they were strange. I mean, beyond bizarre and not normal for me. It was like yesterday’s experiences of another’s thoughts/memories snowballed and became multiple thoughts/experiences of others.

My guidance continued to tell me to settle in my heart space and when I did this all the thoughts would stop and I would settle into sleep mode. Unfortunately, my mind would kick into high gear as soon as I began to drift to sleep and I would once again be faced with strange thoughts and memories. It was like I had entered into several other people’s sleep cycles and was witnessing their dreams. Very chaotic and hard to follow because each dream cycle was superimposed over the other. It made me uncomfortable. I began wondering if I had somehow turned on my psychic antennae again. If so, it could mean this reception would be very hard to control.

I continued to settle into my heart space. After several failed attempts to remain there, I somehow fell to sleep.

Like last night, I woke at 4am. Wide awake and acutely aware of a dream I had just come out of. My guidance was there but silent this time. I knew to focus on the dream because there was information within it.

Dream: Groups Unite

In the dream I was with a group of people who were my “family”. I recognized some of them from my Mt. Shasta trip but there were others I did not recognize. Our group had gathered together. What was different about the group is that everyone was in pairs. Each person had a twin flame. My twin was not there and neither was a friend’s so we chatted most of the dream about meeting up with them in physicality. I don’t recall our conversation in full, but I remember seeing photographs and being shown a photo of the man who was supposedly my twin. The man in the photo was very old – like white hair and a bit overweight. I knew immediately he was not my twin. The energy was not right. My friend was coming up with all kinds of reasons for this and we began exchanging herbs and tea and talking about preparation for unification.

Then I was with a couple (also twins). They were talking about me and my issues of separation. What was strange is they did not talk in words. They were making clicking sounds. I knew they were communicating. It sounded like Morse code except the clicking reminded me of an insect or animal. I kept listening, hoping I would understand when one of the twins said in English to the other, “Telepathically now.” The clicking sped up to the point that I could no longer follow it and I realized they did not want me to know what they were saying.

The clicking was very prominent and was what brought me out of the dream with a start. I recognized this was another E.T. encounter turned dream. Okay. I can handle that. So I acknowledged my guidance’s message and tried to return to sleep.

Apparently I was not meant to sleep yet. Light language began to pour into my mind from above me and I felt a near compulsion to vocalize it. Then I was receiving words and channeling my Council. They wanted me to know that the exchange was imminent. I was being prepared. One message was emphasized and it was that “groups will unite” and those groups will be composed of couples – counterparts united in physicality gathered together. Just like in my dream. This I questioned because it seemed unlikely.

I fell back to sleep after that and entered a dream that I believe was representative of another lifetime on another planet or in another dimension.


Dream: Creating Life

In this dream experience I was with my family unit. I felt to be in human form and the environment reminded me of pioneers or a colony. The house I was in resembled a log cabin but it wasn’t. Outside the houses were separated by fields and nature – nothing modern at all anywhere.

My mother had decided she wanted to create another child. Her partner, my father, did not want this. They agreed to part ways (uncouple) and she (my mother) would create a child with me, her daughter. I do not remember this being odd at all and being willing to participate.

I watched my father leave and then participated in a ceremony in which my mother and I were completely separate from one another (in completely different locations) yet we somehow united our energy to create a completely new life. The result was a little boy who did not look like a newborn but more like a 7 month old baby. There was no pregnancy. I remember when she showed him to me I said to her, “A boy? Of course another boy.” lolol She said to me, “I felt you (energy) but you were a bit slow.” I knew I had struggled to match her energy as it had been my first time (guess I was a virgin lol).

The experience in the dream was very unconventional and strange. When I woke I was thankful I slept through it because my human mind would have totally rejected it. The union is mostly erased from my memory now, which is a bummer but then I understand that it is purposeful. I knew immediately that the dream was showing me another lifetime in a place where sex was not physical and children were brought into the world in a very different way. I suspect that the bodies of this world were not physical.

Strange Feeling

I feel odd this morning. It could be because I am sleep deprived or because of the strange experiences I had throughout the night. There were other dreams and conversations mixed in with my dreams. All of them pertaining to the twin flame/divine counterpart phenomenon. I wish I could remember them all. The only memory I have now is of those dreams and an increase in the magnetic pull toward my physical counterpart. The feeling just never goes away does it?




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7 Responses to A High Energy Night

  1. sophia kuzminski says:

    Dayna, I was building a fire last night,did light language, and deep prayer gathering together,yes I was with you in your dream visitation……..sorry to have kept you up all night.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      🙂 I got six hours of sleep. You didn’t keep me up. I’m happy to hear of your ceremony and light language. If anything, you helped me. ❤


  2. Durinda says:

    There seems to be so much going on. I am trying to stay in the flow, but I have been experiencing anxiety off and on. But it is not always mine. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is always nice to know we are not in this alone. No, that magnetic pull feeling never goes away.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dayna says:

      The energy has been intense and though I do well navigating it now, it still sometimes affects me.

      I am sorry you are experiencing the anxiety on and off. I hate that feeling. Thankfully I have not had it in some time. And you’re welcome – thank you for sharing yours as well.

      As for the magnetic pull, big sigh but OK, I can handle it (I think). Thanks for not sugar coating it. lol


  3. Durinda says:

    Lol, sometimes this twin journey has its own trials, but the beauty of it still out weighs all of that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mollyb111 says:

    Yes, yes and YES! You are getting some great stuff. Give it a few days and come back to review your gems here. I often have to look at it in hindsight to understand. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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