Memories Consolidated

There has been an increase in a particular experience that I have been unable to fully describe because the experience is so often lost upon inspection. Yesterday, however, I was able to retain a couple of these experiences, though not fully intact.

These experience usually occur while in a meditative state. This was the case yesterday. The first one was a memory of what appeared to be another’s lifetime. I watched as a young man considered a decision about his girlfriend. Not only did I watch, but I also acted as a kind of guide to this young man. I remember telling someone, “He should not be with her.” My advice brought me out of my reverie and I remember thinking, “That [experience] was not mine.”

The next memory was not as straight forward. I had only closed my eyes for a second when I entered a stream of consciousness that appeared like random thoughts and images one has prior to entering the dream state. I was not tired nor was I really meditating. I just closed my eyes. Yet here was a full-on visual in front of my eyes!

The visual seemed “normal” and so did not peak my interest. Besides, at the same time I had been focusing my intent on sending healing. However, an image stood out that brought on an immediate shock to me and filled my heart with a sudden panic. The image was nothing scary by any means. It was simply an image of a young woman who was putting over her head what appeared to be a bubble-type material in a red color. She wore this like clothing and it came down to her knees. What I think caused the shock was that she appeared out of the blue into a completely unrelated scene. Like she dropped out of the sky into the scene.

I opened my eyes and wondered, “What was that?!”

I heard back, “Your memories have been consolidated.” Huh?

In trying to understand what this means, I asked my guidance to clarify. The feeling I received was that this was part of the soul exchange process – the individual memories of experiences over all previous, current and future lives had been consolidated. Still, it didn’t make much sense to me and I did not like the strange memories popping into my head!

Then this morning, the rest of the answer came through.

I awoke from a dream in which I had been watching one of four videos that had been created on the ascension process. I chose the last of the four because it applied to me. It was as if the videos were posted in order representing waves or stages or something similar. The last video had a title but all I recall now was hearing something about the “blending of the in-between lives” of a person and its role in the ascension process.


The video was interviewing people who had gone through the ascension (completed the process) and they were describing what happened to them. I remember receiving messages while I was watching the video. There was discussion about taking care of my physical body by eating right, exercising and getting good sleep. The man in the video was talking about nausea and other symptoms and going to the doctor when I woke up. As soon as I woke up I heard my guidance say, “Embrace your ascension.” With this came a very clear feeling, an undeniable request: Step Up NOW. The feeling I had in response was similar to the feeling one has at the top of one of those very large rollercoaster hills when you see the coming descent. It’s about to get WILD.

Then, I was shown a very clear visual of a person with their crown chakra wide open. Above the crown was a very large tornado-like swirl of images representing individual lifetimes/experiences/memories. The tornado of memories funneled into the crown. This was shown to me over and over again. I suspect because I did not fully understand what it was depicting. I heard with this a single word: Embodiment. Yet my understanding is that the processes I have been going through related to the soul exchange process. I didn’t understand.


It is always hard to describe how I experience these conversations in the early morning hours. The information just streams down into my crown and there is an instantaneous knowing but there is conversation as well. It can be considered a profound spiritual experience, yet for me it is very much a normal part of my life.

So from what I retained from this early morning download is that ascension = embodiment = soul exchange. Huh? I was reminded I am on schedule, that another aspect of Me would be coming into this body and that after I would be fundamentally different. And many others will be going through this exact process. It was not going to stop. This was the new Hue-man – an embodied (integrated), “whole” human being. Not this fractured, disassociated part of a whole that exists in the majority of the human population now.

And I know what it is I am suppose to do….er not do. I am not to ACT or DO anything. It will happen naturally. The process will unfold on its own, as it was planned, as it was laid out prior to this and my other incarnations. The other players in my current life will act our their parts and I will respond in kind. Yet the feeling I have is a kind of “[repetitive expletive] oh crap” feeling.

I also got a date: 13th of June.

What can I do? Absolutely nothing. lol

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4 Responses to Memories Consolidated

  1. truthcodex says:

    Yes, exactly what I’ve been guided to recently as well. This a full embodiment of our genuine vibration. Some call it embodiment of Christ Consciousness – however one wishes to put it. And all we need to do is allow it to occur. 🙂

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