Very active dream night last night. When I awoke I heard very clearly, “You are ready.” I replied, “Great. Ready for what?” lol Then I heard, “Transfer*.” Okay. So I tried to return to sleep and the Coldplay song, Yellow, pops into my head, specifically, “You were all yellow.”

My interpretation of the yellow is that my aura is this color. I have seen it this way in many of my dreams and experiences recently. It is more of a golden, sparkly yellow, not at all like the color of the text in the above video. The color reminds me of the way I saw my Companion once in an OBE. He was a golden man; a mass of swirly, sparkling golden yellow. I have heard others refer to their Higher Self as gold in color, so maybe yellow is a good thing?

I will add that something has shifted since yesterday. My Companion has moved above me from his usual position which lately has been within my center (heart). When this happens it usually precedes a spiritual event of some sort. We will see, I suppose.


So as I mentioned already, I had a very active dream night. I had so many dreams that to write about them all would make this post very, very long. There is no need to detail it all. I have the messages and that is what matters.

I spent the first half of the night practicing a transfer into another light body. This has been an on-going practice of mine in my dream time so it is no surprise that I was doing it again last night. Perhaps the transfer I have been practicing is what I am now “ready” for?

When I was not practicing the transfer, I was practicing channeling. I actually woke myself up because of a repetitive dream in which I was channeling a friend’s higher self. It was one of those dreams where I would wake up briefly, remember the dream and return back to the dream when I fell back to sleep. There was an irritation with this particular dream, though, because I would return back to a part I had already been to over and over again. It was like the dream was stuck on repeat. I don’t recall now what I was telling my friend (perhaps I am not to know) but I brought back that I was channeling and it was to prepare me for upcoming channeling. I finally woke up and told my guides, “Enough already. Time to move on.”

Then I entered into a school scene once again but this scene was reminiscent of a massive mall/university with elevators and grand staircases. I was in an advanced math class (calculus) and had passed with a 90%. Then I was late for my next class (on the 2nd floor) and when I arrived I was drilled on physical strength exercises. I suspect I was being shown that progress was being made but there was a reminder to pay attention to this physical body, i.e. eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest.

*Transfer = soul transfer = soul exchange = walk-in.



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