Paused for Adjustment

I’m in a healing pause for the time being. Adjustment is not easy and the energy centers which had previously been aligned must be continuously tweaked because of the massive amounts of energy that will eventually flow through this physical body. Though I am in a hurry, I must be patient for to move forward prematurely could result in inability to adapt to the energy when it comes.

There is a struggle now to contain the walk-out and to remain heart centered. The countless hours focused on mundane tasks cause me to fall into old patterns and the mind often goes into overdrive. When this happens the walk-out emerges in full force. It is at these crucial moments when I must move into the heart space. But I have not been able to do so because of the environment in which I am positioned. Family, especially family with young children, presents periods of energetic peaks and troughs. Traversing these waves is very difficult for me and often I am unable to retreat. What does one do when backed into a corner? Fight or flee. If I cannot flee then I am forced to fight and this is devastating to me when it occurs as this is not my preferred position.


My guidance has been reassuring me that this is only temporary. We (my Divine Counterpart and I) are playing catch-up. There is a back-and-forth occurring between us. It is like tossing a ball. One of us takes a step forward and then the ball is tossed to the other who has to catch up. For me, currently, the ball is in his court and so I stand waiting for it to be thrown back. I am reminded that We are progressing together. One cannot move forward without the other.


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One Response to Paused for Adjustment

  1. kittyasmith says:

    This is a good time to regroup all previous lessons, for me. Today is better, but my trying to make sense of it all threw me into head to ankle hives! My guidance has reminded me this is what comes of the overreaching mental activity. [Heart space heart space heart space] I keep getting number messages.. 808, 408, 1122 Hahaha, I just looked up and 777 is on my odometer! (Not driving, I am in a parking space passing time.)

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