Message from the Council of Light

My first recorded voice channeling. Please forgive the long pauses, deep breathing and monotone voice. This is just how They tend to come out. I also had trouble separating  so it made for more breaks and periods of deep breathing/inhalations.


We ask that you separate from your body to the best of your ability so that we may communicate without interruption.

There is a time approaching of which you have already received information on. There is an energy descending and it has been for upwards of 20 years. As it approaches it can be sensed. It is multidirectional, multidimensional in nature. Its quality can be heard and felt and sensed in many ways. It is of the crystal quality that you have labeled the crystal matrix, the crystalline body, source energy, DNA structures and applications. Of all of these things it is and is more. Its enhancements are of the cerebral quality in that effect it assures that you will be receptive and that your mental constituents will not interfere with the processes needed in the downloads you receive from the crystalline matrix.

We are that which you have heard called The Many, The Council of Light, the Elohim. We provide you with the information and the guidance you need to surrender to that which you are conveying as a conduit. We will provide as needed instructions as you may call them though instruction is not the appropriate term that we prefer. It is more of a quality of a reception via the heart, the channel from which you receive. The current environment that surrounds Earth and surrounds the energies that you are receiving, at times may seem conflicting to that which you assume to be your mission here. But we would like you to know that you have missions on many levels, in many dimensions, so do not be confused for they may seem to conflict at times but we assure you they do not. The energies of your counterparts – of your energetic twins, of your family, of your soul group – merge on occasion and will seem to resonate with one another in very high frequencies at times. If you receive these frequencies via your mental constituents they will cloud your reasoning, conflict with your heart. This is why it is imperative that you remain in your heart center at all times – in the present moment as frequently and as much as you possibly can. We know you are distracted by your mundane necessities that you have many contracts which you must fulfill. Know that these are in alignment with all of your contracts and assignments here. There is only peace to be found if you find your center, if you remain in your center…..if you allow the energy to flow through you unrestricted. We will assist you in this. Continue to pay attention to your dreams and to your intuition and to that which flows from your heart

<Light Language>

We leave you in peace and with love. We are always with you.


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4 Responses to Message from the Council of Light

  1. rios2995 says:

    I love your channel, and the deep tone made my heart tingly…can’t wait for you to share more😁

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  2. Thank you, Dayna. I have been struggling somewhat lately. I keep doing the right things instinctively, but hearing from you reinforces me. It is important not to feel alone. I may have mentioned this before, but when you speak in Light Language I hear the same phrases I have been speaking.

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