Alma Mater: Bountiful Mother

I had trouble sleeping last night so it was no surprise that I brought back with me a significant dream, one in which my Companion (Divine Counterpart), Steven, was present.

Alma Mater

In this particular dream I was in school and late for class. I went into a class which was already underway and sat down. I remember feeling like the room had been switched around. Where computers use to be now were just desks. The teacher was my Companion but in the dream I did not recognize him as such until later. I remember his dark hair and eyes and his lively smile quite vividly.

The assignment given was to define a long list of words. I remember the class was Journalism class, too. I remember commenting that I already knew all the words and was asked to define Alma Mater. I defined it and my teacher laughed and said was a wordy, long definition. I defended myself like a smart-ass but playfully. I knew in the dream that I should not flirt with my teacher but I didn’t care. The connection between us could be felt strongly.

When I awoke the word Alma Mater was prominent in my mind. I knew the definition most widely used which is “one’s college, school or university.” However, I knew this was not the definition that I needed to know. I was directed to look up the origin of the word.

late 14c., Latin, literally “bountiful mother,” a title Romans gave to goddesses, especially Ceres and Cybele, from alma, fem. of almus“nourishing,” from alere “to nourish” (see old ) + mater “mother” (see mother(n.1)). First used 1710 in sense of “one’s university or school” in reference to British universities.


I find it interesting that Ceres is mentioned in the word’s origin.  The asteroid Ceres is was mentioned in my recent astrological forecast. It also is not lost to me that my Companion obviously wants me to recognize the mother goddess. I feel as if he was recognizing her in me. What a glorious compliment from my beloved counterpart.

I also find the story of Ceres connects strongly to a dream I had two nights ago. In it I witnessed a garden that had become very muddy and I somehow ended up covered entirely in mud while trying to plant seeds. In the story in the link above, Ceres (Demeter) makes love to a mortal named Jason in a plowed field and returns covered in sludge. lol


When I awoke it was not lost to me what occurred in my dreams. The journalism class was significant and I knew I was once again being asked to report my experiences. Considering the most recent development of voice channeling, I am not surprised by this reminder. The specifics of the request were related not only to the soul exchange process but to the rising of the Kundalini and my experiences with it. My interactions with my Divine Counterpart go hand-in-hand with the Kundalini.

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4 Responses to Alma Mater: Bountiful Mother

  1. truthcodex says:

    It sounds like many of us are being prepared for a time to speak our Authentic Truths – via voice channeling and other kinds of genuine expressions [journals/blogs/art/etc]. I’ve been guided this is occurring for me as well. There is a sense of neutrality, certainty, and knowing about all of it. The time to step into our power is now.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Interesting the relationship here with the Mother and your Chiron in Taurus, as many people these days believe that Gaia is the ruler of Taurus. That earthiest of signs represented by the cow.
    So this can translate as you are healed and heal, Chiron, through earthy connections and the throat. Ma = Mother, matter, material.

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