As we move into the higher chakras I sense a deep, internal shift occurring. Today it was very noticeable, but it has been obvious since my return from Mt. Shasta.

Twice now I have attempted to sit down and watch a movie. Both times it was almost too painful to watch them. The first was about a bullied teen – right down my ally because of its content. The second was Queen of the Damned – yeah not a good high vibratory movie anyway! lol The “painful” part is not that it physically hurt but that it interfered with my vibration and I sensed it. It was out of alignment and it made my energy feel off. Then there was my guidance who point blank said, “You are falling into her old patterns.” The one who is predominant since Monday is in the form of just one very powerful energy who will not give me a name except to say “I have many names”. I recognize him, though. He is Elohim.

This guide – excuse me “teacher” (he corrected me) – has been tutoring me in the changes that will be needed to step into my full power. He reminds me that full integration is still not complete but that as it progresses he will be with me walking alongside me (walk-along) and teaching me. Basically, with a walk-along I am not alone in this body and it is quite evident! But it is a welcomed and cherished experience for me.

I have experienced a walk-along before and it was profound in every imaginable way. This one is not quite as intense energy-wise (the other one made me feel floaty and disconnected from my body) but the interactions are the same, if not more apparent. I feel to be immersed in this guiding light and when the light is fully activated my entire head buzzes with energy, especially my third-eye and around my nose.

Today has been full of teaching moments. On the drive home I received a download within a short 40 minutes and believe that it may have been initiated prior to that because I had to take a walk and get away from my family members in order to feel normal.

The teaching comes in the form of knowingness and direct two-way communication between myself and my teacher. I had an idea or urge (this was a mixture of both) and then received information about it.


For example, today while on my walk to preserve my high vibration from the barrages of my family members’ energies, I began to sing in light language right away. I felt better immediately and realized that to get through some of the tough times ahead (and there will be many) I need to sing because it keeps my vibration high and keeps me in my heart and out of my head. Singing has long been a method I use to raise my vibration in the astral so it does not surprise me that it is needed while in body just as much, if not more. I had a strong urge to find a group to sing with or to join a band but my guidance and heart indicated that light language would be enough. It opens my creative channels and is helping to clear my throat chakra but it has a myriad of other benefits as well.

Later, during my download I kept seeing the beach and wanted badly to just drive straight away to the beach. I saw myself in North Carolina of all places sitting on the beach and just staring out over the water. It felt wonderful just to imagine it! I wanted to go so badly that I began to plan my escape. lol I was reminded to be patient, that integration is not complete and the time will come for that type of action but that time is not now. Sigh.

There were other things, private ones, that I realized are soon to come. It is not unusual for me to know my own future but in this instance it was spread out before me like an agenda in my mind. I am made aware of the other players as well and their role in regard to my agenda. Such powerful realizations! Many of them were major Ego-inducing ones but for some reason I took them all in stride. I am feeling much more inclined to follow my heart regardless of the obstacles that will most definitely be thrown in my path.

Since this is only the second time I have been told I have a walk-along, I don’t have much to compare it to. The last time I thought for sure I had a direct link to my higher self. I walked around in a state of awe for about 10 days straight. When it ended I asked and asked for the experience to repeat. Now that it is, all I can say is I feel extremely blessed to be a part of it. I wish I could have a walk-along all the time. 🙂

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3 Responses to Walk-Along

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve had the exact same scenarios happen with movies this past week… which is very foreign to me because I used to watch them all the time! Now they feel like… distractions. Many things feel this way now. Surfing the web, reading books, TV, playing [computer] games, and even messing around on my phone. All distractions to being present. Unique phenomenon, though my ego doesn’t exactly enjoy having nothing to do. lol.

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    • Dayna says:

      It happened again last night. I, too, am being led to spend more time doing nothing. I enjoy it, probably because my kids keep me so busy that I rarely get to do nothing. lol

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      • truthcodex says:

        Yup same here! The nothingness of the present moment is all there is now. I enjoy it as well. I’m also being guided to quit my job now and allow the present moment to be even more encompassing, being guided to go wherever and however I wish through synchronicity. Exciting!

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