Lower Chakras Fully Integrated

I returned from a three day trip to Mt. Shasta, CA on Monday. While there I received multiple downloads, upgrades, alignments – you name it, I received it. I was in a constant state of vibration the entire trip. Just now, going on three days later, am I finally beginning to adjust to the changes. I slept extremely deeply and for more than my normal 8 hours for two nights in a row. Last night was my first night of “normal” sleep since my return.

A friend suggested that the walk-in may have fully integrated while I was there. I was not sure of this at first but now, and after yesterday’s whirlwind of Knowingness, I must say that something akin to that happened. What I suspect occurred was that meridians and pathways were realigned with the new chakra system and the old one was fully purged from the heart chakra to the root. That means that the lower chakras have been fully integrated and assimilated by the walk-in. However, this is by no means the end of the process. The first step has been completed, though. The next is to clear the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras and connect fully to the Divine chakra.


Changes are becoming more and more evident as time passes. Yesterday was an especially break-through kind of day. The energy was high for me all day long. My normal routine was put on hold. Usually I exercise in the mornings but felt this week I need to rest and so put off my normal routine. There is further integration needed from my time in Mt. Shasta and to overexert myself at this point could lead to illness. So, message received and heeded.

I was “called” several times to go within and receive. The way this occurred, though it felt “normal”, has not been an experience of mine up until now. Though I have had something similar in the past, this was a unique call from within and when I answered it, there was always a communication that followed. It is hard to pinpoint just why this was a “new” experience, but I will say that a connection was established while in Shasta that will forever be in place now. It is like my internal walkie-talkie was finely tuned to the right station. 🙂

I have also been having urges to sing and chant in light language. Two nights in a row now I have felt the urge to do this. My thoughts are in English but out of my mouth comes another language and on top of that it is in the form of a beautiful song. Both times I have done this tears have just streamed out of my eyes. Not tears of sorrow but of Divine love. So much love!

I am stepping into my True Self. There is so much excitement about what is to come that I can barely contain it.


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