Practice Makes Perfect

The illness that resulted after the most recent Kundalini event has subsided already. I was able to sleep well and feel almost normal this morning.

There were two incidents in the night that I wanted to mention because they are so indicative of the behind-the-scenes work being done to facilitate the soul exchange.

Tornado Re-Entry

At around 11pm, just a little over an hour after I fell asleep, there was a booming and crashing noise that initiated my return to the body. As I became aware of my return, I also became aware of the strange, swirling motion I was following into the heart center. I felt to be swept up by some undercurrent of intense electrical energy that swirled counter-clockwise into the heart center. The energy formed a large spiral that funneled down in the heart and this was the spiral that I followed. The sensation was very similar to what I would assume it would feel like to be inside a tornado. I felt to be tossed this way and that and my reaction was to grab onto something, but of course there was nothing to grab onto. There is memory here of flashes of colors in a dark void.

When I made it into the body I began to remind myself of who I was and where I was. I made a note of the thunderstorm that was the source of the booming and crashing noises. There was a dizzying feeling that I had to wait out. It was very disorienting and I had to calm myself because the first thing I wanted to do was panic. There was an immediate instruction from within to calm that part of me down. This was quickly done and the panic never emerged. Instead I felt reassured that all was okay and that this was a normal part of the soul exchange process. The re-entries would become more and more familiar and transition, though bumpy at first, would smooth.


Dream Class: Practicing the Walk-In

The entirety of the night was spent in a sort of classroom with two other students and a teacher. I will call it a practicum instead of a class because the focus was actually putting into practice that which we had been studying. This is a common sequence of events leading to the demonstration of one’s learning in the physical.

Most of my memory is of the dream overlay which represented this class. I was asked to leave my car (physical body) in a short-term parking facility for safe keeping. There it would be “plugged in” in order to remain “charged”.  I was reassured that my car would be taken care of and there was a discussion of the fees related to this. I believe the “fees” were a discussion of the physical cost of leaving the body. I remember saying that I thought they charged too much for the mere storage of my vehicle.

Then there is a blank space in my memory. The next thing I recall is being asked about how I felt. There was a moment here where I realized I felt different but I was not sure how. Then I looked down at myself and my body and recognized it was not my own. The first thing I saw was my left arm and it looked swollen, as if I had been stung by something. That is when I realized my arm was not familiar to me. It was the arm of a man, not a woman. I looked at the other arm and it was also masculine and quite muscular. Then I looked at my face and saw myself in full. It was as if I were standing in front of mirror but I do not recall seeing a mirror.

The body I occupied was very strange to me and I looked very closely at my features, trying to determine if I had seen the face before. I had not. In my mind there was discussion on-going but all I recall of it is that I was asking, “What do I do with it [the body]?” lol There were no memories with the body; no history. I had nothing to go on and it made me feel very unprepared. I remember saying, “How then do relationships work?”

There are memories here of discussing how to redefine myself in this new form. I kept becoming confused as to how to do this because my defined role in this life is as a woman and here I was in a man’s body feeling like a woman still! And then there was question of having no memories or past information with this new body and knowing that had there been it would be less difficult to redefine myself.


Upon waking the memory of the above class was not present and there was a struggle to contain the walk-out because she was upset over what had transpired. Her efforts to take over were arrested quickly, however, and then there was only me and my guidance. With control established the memory of the above class returned and it was understood that preparations for the soul exchange were in progress and nearing the final stages.

Memory returned of the actual exchange in practice. There was a disconnection from the lower four chakras one by one and the illness that resulted in the physical body was the price paid for this disconnection. The physical body reacts to the disconnect as a sort of death and so the resulting illness is unavoidable. Much care and discernment must be taken when disconnect and reconnect occurs. This explains also the continual realignment and calibration of the chakras.


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3 Responses to Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Karin says:

    Oh, so you are already disconnected in the lower chakras! I guess it is time to say good-bye to the former Dayna then, just in time before your trip to Mt. Shasta. Who knows whether anything of the former ‘you’ will return?
    So, thanks a lot for sharing so much and teaching us so much about your journey. I wish you all the best for your health and a smooth reconnect by the new ‘body-tenant’.
    I am curious to see how this develops over time and what happens to your sense of continuity of the personality.
    Have fun on Mt. Shasta!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dayna says:

      The disconnection is in process, so not total disconnect yet. It is hard to explain but what I see is like a peeling off very carefully from each of the connection points. In the dream I saw this very clearly but now it is fading.

      I’m not sure what will happen while I am gone. I will let you know, though. 🙂

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    Great post! Wisdom and a lot. Love the vehicle and practicum, too.

    Liked by 1 person

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