Conscious Re-Entry Experience

Interesting experience from this morning.

I slept like rock and there are only remnants of dreams left in my conscious mind. I awoke around 5:50am quite suddenly. What was unusual is I remember returning to my body and the experience of it was quite unlike any I have had before. I was very obviously OOB prior to returning but there were none of the re-entry vibrations or indications. Instead, what I recall is a feeling of entering into this Earthy shell via the top of the head. It was like I was sliding into the body. The sensation was similar to how it feels when you are going down a short water slide, one of those squishy, rubber kind that feels soft to the touch. Instead of ending up in water, though, I ended up inside this body.

On top of this strange re-entry, I was downloaded quite quickly with all of this body’s life history and information. I recall the memories returning all at once and me  telling myself who I was, where my life was currently and other such information. Prior to this I felt very different and the contrast between the me sliding into this body and the one who opened her eyes onto this day was very obvious.

In retrospect it seems like this was just part of the normal waking up routine, done a thousand upon a thousand times in this life and other lives. Yet I felt peculiar after waking. The feeling could just be a result of being conscious of the re-entry or it could be something else. The thing is I just cannot put my finger on what it is that is causing me to feel so strange!

After waking I also could not contact my dreams. Instead I had memory of being in front of what appeared to be a document of some kind and having a discussion with others in a small group. In remembering this I knew that some contractual agreements needed to be continued to completion and the focus of discussion was upon this completion. There was more than one contract up for discussion and each of them was at a different stage.


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