During the night I was preparing for what is to come. This preparation was specific to energy and the soul exchange. Though my memories are limited, they are significant.

Preparation of Pathways

I spent a great deal of time working on an energy body. I am not sure if it was my own, but probably. The reason I am not sure is because I specifically recall doing a type of energetic surgery on an energetic body that I was separate from. The focus of this work was around the second and third chakras. I was taking spheres of colored energy that looked very much like an atom and connecting them with energetic bands that reminded me very much of small, colored rubber bands like one uses in hair. The spheres of energy were located on either side of the larger chakras, so I am assuming they were the minor chakras. The bands could only be the pathways, or meridians, connecting these minor chakras to the major ones. The colors shifted and swirled within these spheres of energy and inside were smaller spheres of color. It was like tiny galaxies within a larger spherical universe.

My memory is vague but I do recall knowing that I was preparing the energy body for my entry into it. What this means I am not sure as it confuses me yet at the same time I am confident that this knowingness is accurate.

New Energy Body

I have several memories from behind my dreams of a new energy body. I see it, I discuss it with another and I note changes in my current energy body and the progress that has been made. For the me in this body currently, these memories are quite confusing. I struggle to understand why I keep seeing this “other” body that most definitely will be mine soon. Yet, the presence of this other body has come up often in my memories. It is as if the memories are surfacing to remind me of what I am to do but then what I am to do is just beyond my conscious mind, making it impossible for me to remember.

In one such memory I am looking at another energy body and noting the difference between the one I currently occupy and this other one. My most recent memory was seeing the other one as a violet and indigo colored one while my current one was yellow and white. I knew that I was attempting to sync the two bodies and that in order to do this I must change the yellow and white to violet and indigo. I felt quite incapable of doing this at the time but now I it feels as if much progress has been made.


In my conscious discussions with my Companion I have asked what it is I am suppose to do. It was shown to me that I already know and it is not something that is conscious but more like an automatic response when the ideal conditions present themselves. It is like an instinctual process and one that can not be conceptualized as it comes from Source, where Time does not exist.

I was told that when the process is complete I will be 3. This is also confusing. 3 of what? I have knowledge of only 2 involved in this soul exchange. Now there are 3? And at the time that I received this message, I turned to look at the clock and it read 3:33. The only sense I could make of this was that the 3 represents the Trinity.

As I looked for an illustration of the Trinity, I found the image displayed within this post above. I have been drawn to this symbol all my life and only now do I know that it is linked to the Trinity but also to Celtic/pagan beliefs.


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4 Responses to Preparations

  1. truthcodex says:

    Fascinating! I’m also doing some intensive work in my lower 3 chakras at this time, and it seems to be somewhat related to your post. I know these modifications the the chakras are causing some serious releases of old energy. It feels like we are ‘quantum leaping’ further into our evolutionary paths with these adjustments.

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  2. truthcodex says:

    with* the chakras

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