More About the Union

For two nights straight I have had Kundalini rising experiences. The first caused a great fear to rise within me and I thought for sure that the Kundalini would be the death of me. The second, which was this morning, left me desperately wanting for more. The two experiences are so strikingly different that it leads me to wonder if perhaps the first was experienced via the walk-out and the second via the walk-in.

In the most recent Kundalini-rising my crown chakra opened up so wide that my entire head down to the base of my skull was a conduit for energy. The flow inward was so glorious in combination with the energy of the other chakras – a tiny taste of what is to come. And at that time knowingness flooded in. It was like a million ah-ha moments all at once. A direct connection was established, a connection I have experienced before and so it was very welcomed.

I was told that Union is imminent. I also remember hearing that it would initiate a complete spiritual “system restore”. Not unlike when you get a virus on your computer that you just cannot get rid of, a spiritual system restore reverts one back to their original condition without losing valuable files and personal data. Bright, shiny, and new condition. My guidance told me I would be a “clean slate” but warned that part of this restoration meant that I would have substantial mental side-effects. At the time I was unconcerned because, well, I was in the midst of the heavenly heart bliss of the K, but I remember knowing that these side-effects were memory related. I would likely suffer memory gaps and lapses. I suspect this means I will have that total disconnect feeling from friends and family that I had when the walk-in was first initiated in April, 2014. Of course I wondered if this was related tot the walk-in and I heard an unequivocal “Yes”.


The Union is just the first of several stages of the walk-in requisition of this human body. Once the circuit is complete, meaning all seven chakras are cleared and the energy rises uninhibited through them to the Divine chakra above the crown chakra, then Union will be initiated. Once initiated, a constant crown connection will be established. From this point of connection the walk-in consciousness will descend down into the heart and merge with the walk-out consciousness (total Union). I was previously told of the descent, so this is no surprise. It appears that just because Union (wholeness) has been reached does not mean that the soul exchange is complete. There is an adjustment period in which the two parts of the whole become accustomed to one another again. It is like old friends reuniting and having a good exchange of memories. The main obstacle here is the walk-out and her resistance to the walk-in. She must submit fully.

I do not know what the full K-rising and connection to Source/the Divine will be like other than what my Companion has told me – “When you see me, you will die a thousands deaths”. If there is any time that I could conceive of a walk-out occurring, though, this would be the time. I am not sure if this Union is going to happen on the next full moon or if it is going to wait until some time later. I hear August is a pivotal point. But I do know that once the connection to the Divine chakra is made, many significant changes will result.

This article really helped me understand the full cycle of the Kundalini and fits perfectly with what my guidance has shared with me and that which I received via my crown chakra connection this morning. I love this quote especially: “The process in which the core of the Kundalini reaches your crown chakra is simply the starting point of the unification process. Attainment of Yoga [highest spiritual achievement] means that you, as the micro, unite with the oneness (macro) and your True Self returns to the Source”.


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