Extensive Upgrade

Unbeknownst to the walk-out, an upgrade has been underway for several weeks. This particular upgrade is unique to those experiencing a soul exchange. It involves a reorganization of the meridians and subtle energy channels connecting the walk-in to the energy of the physical body. In this particular upgrade, the channels are being rerouted and chakras reintegrated. Multiple layers are being shed and realigned. Integration and reintegration will be frequent as these layers are cleared, re-patterned and balanced for alignment.


Currently, the walk-in’s complete energetic blueprint is overlaying the walk-out’s. In effect, the physical host body has two distinctly separate but complete energetic blueprints at this time. Additionally, the walk-in’s consciousness has withdrawn partially from that of the host body leaving the walk-out in primary conscious control for approximately 90% of the waking hours.

This upgrade will continue for approximately two more weeks.

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5 Responses to Extensive Upgrade

  1. herongrace says:

    Here’s another strong synchro to add to the list…I was meditating about 2 hours ago and got 2 strong visual images. 1 of them a black and white diagram of the flower of life image. Fairly small and I wondered if I should be incorporating this image somehow. obviously it is connected here!
    The other was like an aerial map photo of a narrow brown strip of land running alongside a water way. Not sure what the water represented if it was coast or river, lake. There were 2 roads as lines running off at different angles between the strips.

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