Changes of Note

As the days of integration turn to weeks, there is a sense of my interests shifting. This is subtle, but noticeable.

My Companion, Steven, who you can read about here, seems to be the origination of these subtle interest changes. As we are currently braided (merged) this is not a surprise.

Before I go into the changes, I feel I should mention something. My Companion has always presented himself to me as being of or having Asian lineage. I have seen him as Mongolian but I have also seen him as Chinese and most recently as somewhat Indian in appearance. I often visit Japan while OOB or in my dreams as well, though I have not seen him as Japanese that I can recall, but honestly I am not sure I could tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese. He always has black hair and brown eyes.


Changes of Note

  • My perception of my Companion has shifted from being outside of me to being inside me. To describe this is difficult but I will say that when we communicate it is instantaneous knowingness rather than a two-way, mental exchange using language and visions/symbols.
  • My connection to this physical body has also altered. Again, it is hard to describe except to say the body feels lighter and more responsive to its physical environment and also to the energy surrounding it. There is now always a feeling of interconnectedness.
  • Synchronicities have increased and are pointing in the direction of certain practices and traditions I normally would not be interested in. These include but are not limited to: Reiki, Qigong, Ayurveda, Taoism, and Buddhism. Among these, I feel most strongly drawn to practicing breathing techniques focused on increasing Qi.
  • There is a return to using astral projection as a means of learning and spiritual advancement. I am told this will remain in effect until my lessons have been learned and the next “level” is reached. This is a “school” of sorts and I am in it along with four classmates.
  • Mood is very stable except for the morning hours but this is rectified very quickly and with little struggle on my part. The walk-out remains present but very passive.
  • Primary focus now is on remaining an objective observer of life, eliminating residual resistance by the walk-out and increasing control of the physical body and human energy field.
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2 Responses to Changes of Note

  1. herongrace says:

    Thanks for this update Dayna. I was wondering what personality changes you may be experiencing as well. Have you noticed any changes in attitudes or likes and dislikes? Food attractions?

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