I Remembered something this morning upon waking. Why this is happening now, I do not question. It is as it is suppose to be. However, the information brings with it more questions. This is typical of the human condition for the human mind is incapable of the vastness of knowledge that comes with connection to Source and their infinite nature.

The memory was brief but the amount of understanding with it is beyond my ability to interpret at this time. I will try to describe the memory as best I can.

The memory was of the Union which is currently in process. It was not the sensation of the Union but rather a moving picture of what the process looks like from an observer. What I observed was two halves of a whole – masculine and feminine – facing one another. They were in the lower part of an isosceles triangle, one at each vertex. I did not actually perceive the triangle as a 2D or 3D object. Instead, the sides of the triangle were formed by the energetic exchange between parts.

That leaves the top vertex which, in this case, was represented by a tremendous light flowing down from an unseen source.


The knowingness that accompanied this visual was that the Union is just the first part of the soul exchange process. There is a third “party” for lack of a better word. This other aspect has yet to fully manifest.

Many questions arose and there was a strange feeling of knowing without words what it all meant. There was also a feeling of great anticipation and joy accompanying the knowingness and memory.

In reality, there does not exist 1, 2, or even 3 participants. In fact, We are all One and only through individuation has the illusion of separation occurred. Yet for me, these labels are the only way I can understand what is occurring and even this understanding is at the most elementary of levels.

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4 Responses to Vision

  1. We really are the whole triangle right? hehe I am fascinated by this vision of yours because I not long ago had created a light language art and it looked very similar to this, If its on my facebook I may tag you in it just for fun!

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Incredible! Dayna, this is something that I am currently studying for certification as a Sliritual Alchemist. The male and female are not beings so much as the “aspect” of those beings. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and at the top is Source/Spirit.

    In the Alchemical meditations we have the Solar (physical) , Lunar (mental) and Stellar (spiritual) meditations lead to the three magesteriums (accomplishments) of alchemy. These three accomplishments correspond to the three levels of reality – the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

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  3. Dayna says:

    Wow, thank you Kitty! That is fascinating. Thank you.


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