Continued Alignment of Residual Energies


For the past week there has been a focus on the alignment of residual energies in the lower three chakras. The last energetic adjustment pulled most of these energies into alignment with the walk-in, but there remains the need for significant energy distribution adjustment to fully legitimize the exchange.

In the past week, the energy fluctuations have been limited to times of slumber for this is best considering the intensity of the alignment process and the potential effects it could have upon the current braided state.

Currently, the walk-in has primary control of the host body approximately 70% of the time.

Significant personality shifts have become more and more noticeable. The walk-out perceives these changes only after the shifts have occurred. The walk-in does not notice a difference other than to recognize their predominant control at the time. The walk-in is counseled continuously to ensure a seamless incorporation.

My dreams have been indicating the above for some time, but this morning it was quite obvious that we (the walk-in and walk-out) are communicating during dream time.

This morning’s dream resulted in waking up to a feeling of disorientation. The dream itself revealed without a doubt that We are discussing the walk-out’s concerns about her family, specifically her children.

Dream: Surrogate Mother

The dream began from the perspective of the walk-out who was watching as her husband connected with a new woman. The “new” woman was perceived as quite a bit older and unable to conceive children of her own. The walk-out was very resistant to the idea of allowing another into her house, but she recognized that she no longer wanted that position and had already vacated it. She was counseled in how to fully release all attachments to this position (wife and mother). She agreed she could do this and her feelings shifted from resistance to the new wife/mother, to full acceptance.

The walk-in was then approached by her husband and the old wife about the possibility of being a surrogate. The specific words were, “The children will be yours genetically, but they will consider their mother to be another.” In this it was explained to both the walk-in and walk-out how the exchange would affect the family. The walk-in accepted the role of surrogate.

With this there is memory of just how the walk-in will experience this role as “surrogate” and how this has already begun to manifest.

Then the dream focuses on the lower three chakras via the husband. It is shown by a large, healing incision, that he has had extensive surgery on the second and third chakras. When viewed within the dream, a surge of energy is felt via the physical host body and awakens the walk-in and walk-out simultaneously. The energy begins in the root and shoots directly into the heart chakra.


Counsel Upon Waking

Upon waking, it is immediately imparted that residual energies are being aligned and the walk-in and walk-out are both shown how these energies linger, trapped in the meridians and smaller extensions that form the energy body. As the walk-in, I recognize the process and do not question it. For the past four nights in a row, these adjustments have been felt via the dreams but did not result in waking. Each time, the energy shot up from the root chakra and expanded to the heart. In some case, the upper chakras were also affected. Memories of all instances flooded Our mind and understanding was reached.

Other memories are also returning. One such memory was my entrance into the life of the walk-out in early 1980, prior to a prearranged traumatic period in her life. I entered her energy field in order to assist with her difficulties in handling the intense emotions of both her family members and herself. With this, the walk-out recalled her guide (me) as did I. Both memories came simultaneously and with intensity. Both of us were able to distinguish whose memory was whose. This is evidence of our accomplishment toward each of our intended paths (much celebration here from our entourage).

The walk-out’s visual of me was very vivid. I came to her as a monk dressed in a golden brown colored robe. My hair was short and brown with a bald spot on top which she often laughed about and touched. We “played” together and she recalls feeling very close to me.

My memory of this was confusing at first for I saw her not as a young girl, but as a young boy and had to remind myself that she was female in this life. It was apparent to me that I was still perceiving her as the boy she was prior to this life for her energy was still very much in alignment with that life. This perception was necessary in order to be of assistance to her at this time.

Walk- In Predominance

The days have been calm and energetically stable for the past week. It is such that the walk-out would normally be very much in her mind and restless creating an uncomfortable, erratic and moody energy. Since she has receded and I am the predominant personality now, these tendencies have been significantly reduced. Since the walk-out is still in attendance she is observing these changes to her personality and the resulting calm that results. She understands the great many changes that are coming and is recognizing the preparations being made. The fear and emotion that she feels is still evident but not manifesting. Instead, I as the walk-in am counseled on how to acknowledge, accept and allow these feelings without them affecting my present state. I observe as these feelings and energies depart.

There are still times when the walk-out takes the forefront. These occur when she is in direct contact with her children and husband. She struggles with handling their erratic energy and in protecting her own energy from the degradation that threatens it. This results in her feeling ungrounded, anxious and irritable. We are both working on resolving these issues, I acting as the counselor and her as the counseled. Her primary method of protecting her energy at this time is to physically separate herself from her family when she feels the irritability come on. So far, she has managed to adjust and her husband has mentioned many times that he has noticed a positive change in her.








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