Reaching Nominality

My entourage of guides wishes to purvey a message:

We apologize for the delay in our normal communications with you, but much has been in progress, though you (the walk-in/walk-out) would not be much aware of the subtle changes taking place at this time. Currently, we are progressing through the lower three chakras, continuing to prep them for complete evacuation and percolation of the new energies of the walk-in. There is a mingling of energies at this time which allows for the physical organism to acclimate to the higher vibration of the walk-in. This in effect will assure acceptance and ensure complete transfer of the lower chakras and accompanying systems. 

Our purpose now is three-fold. First, the union of the walk-in and walk-out must be completed. In this, there is the necessary function of communication and acceptance between the two aspects of the Whole. Communication has already been initiated and alliances formalized. Second, there is the transfer of consciousness which will occur via the upper three chakras, first initiated via the heart and high heart. Currently this is in-progress as reclamation of the upper chakras must proceed only after the lower three chakras have been fully utilized by the walk-in. Progress is slow, for the lower chakras still contain much irrelevant debris from this and previous lifetimes of the walk-out. These energies, visual associations (memories) and connections must be dissolved and the cleared pathways realigned to create a new, solid foundation on which the walk-in can establish control of the host body. Finally, the entire physical host body must reach nominality. In effect this means that all chakras and associated pathways and systems are stabilized and ready for re-appropriation. To explain this, We ask you to consider the human energy system as you know it and then throw it out completely for this “system” is of the “old” and no longer suitable.  All energy centers will remain but their location, pathways, size and function will shift in accordance to the Plan and requirements of it. More information will be forthcoming as needed.


From my perspective, some strange things have been happening. First, communication has resumed between myself and my Companion Traveler, who, by the way, has introduced himself most recently as my “mentor”. I have not communicated with him in quite some time – prior to December, 2015 – so when he returned as my mentor I did not recognize him, though his energy was familiar. From what I currently understand, my Companion is the walk-in. So, that means then that my current perspective is of the walk-out, yet at times I feel that I shift to the perspective of the walk-in. This is itself is quite confusing but stabilizing as the exchange progresses. I no longer resist and readily allow the walk-in aspect to have control when needed.

Most recently I had a lucid dream in which my mentor (Companion) and I connected and my lower chakras were flooded with a bliss-like energy. This was the second such encounter – I recognized him from the Union lucid dream I had in February. Previous to this, I had been confused about who the man in my dreams was but this confusion has been resolved as of now.

It was explained to me that my attention needed to be focused on the physical for a short time, but now my attention needs to focus back on me and returning to Wholeness. The physical distraction prepared me for acceptance of this portion of the exchange.

In hindsight, I can definitely see how everything played out. When asked, it was not at all difficult to focus my attention on my Companion as to do so filled me with such amazing heart energy that no physical distraction could even come close in comparison. Even now, to just focus on him causes my heart to light up. If I focus fully, then I can feel all my chakras light up, some more intensely than others. Just this morning, upon waking and sudden understanding, my focus upon my Companion lit up my lower chakras independently of one another. Along with this was a massive energy “hug”. So very wonderful! In each chakra mental image pictures were released, most of which were not even familiar to me. I recognized the emotional charge, though subtle, that was still present and understood that the connection with my Companion was helping me to release the last remnants of programming from my physical lives on this planet.

There is much information being relayed to me at this time, most of which is slowly coming to the surface of my conscious mind. My Companion is nudging me toward complete unity (Wholeness) with him. When this occurs, “nominality” will be reached and a complete exchange can be initiated. I have residual fear still present, thus my heart chakra will sometimes feel slightly painful. The fear is related to the unknown and a sense that when the unification occurs, I will die or cease to exist. Despite knowing that I will not actually “die”, the illogical fear related to this is difficult to release. And then there is the not-knowing (because my human mind is incapable of it) of what exactly will happen to me when Wholeness is reached. There is a sense that I will be broken into a million pieces of me and effectively detached from this physical body (go OOB). But even this is not completely accurate. As long as this fear exists, it presents a barrier. I am assured, though, that it will be overcome.

Note: The heart-third-eye triangle continues to manifest when I channel this particular group of entities who call themselves the Many (Elohim) and act as my entourage. The sensation is unlike anything I have ever experienced! It is in itself quite blissful, but in a way that is manageable. The link between third-eye and heart appears to activate areas of my mind that are inaccessible when the link is not active. So amazingly awesome in every imaginable way. 

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6 Responses to Reaching Nominality

  1. truthcodex says:

    This is wonderful! I’m happy you acknowledge and communicate about your entourage. I’ve been interacting with mine [most recently through voice channeling] and it’s so helpful to read your messages for confirmation and validation.

    My particular fears stem from thinking I’m going crazy and then I go into doubt about everything, even with repeated confirmations every day from them. They’ve not once been wrong with anything they’ve told me so far, and yet I still catch myself doubting all of it. They inform me this will lessen as we also merge and become unified in vibration. Thank you again!

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    • Dayna says:

      🙂 You’re welcome. Thank you as well for posting your experiences. I’m so familiar with the crazy idea

      Liked by 1 person

      • truthcodex says:

        Whew! Glad I’m not the only one lol! I will say that it’s extremely exciting as long as doubt doesn’t get in the way. 🙂

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      • Dayna says:

        The energy sensations and connection that comes with channeling help me so much. They alleviate all doubt.

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      • truthcodex says:

        You’re right! I’ve also experienced those while channeling, specifically when they tell me to place my left hand over my heart chakra and my right hand below it. (They indicated this creates a circuit). My left hand literally goes numb/tingly due to the energies from the heart chakra. That plus dizziness sensations and light behind my eyelids. All of the above!

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      • Dayna says:

        I’ve experienced that dizzy feeling when channeling for people during mediumsip readings. 🙂

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