Memories Surfacing

Memories are surfacing slowly, mostly in flashes and in dreams. My guidance has been ever present, though mostly silent during the day. Nights bring communication and energy sensations in my crown, third-eye and heart.

Rainforest Pyramid

The first clue that memories were surfacing was a couple of days ago while outside at the park with my children. I was just observing the beautiful Spring day when I had an open eyed vision of standing in a dense forest and looking up through the trees. The trees were so thick I could only see a faint outline of the daylight above them.


Seeing this took me by surprise. Why was I seeing a vision of a rainforest canopy??

Later that evening, as I was meditating and struggling to sleep, more and more visions of the rainforest came to me. The first, most memorable vision, came while I was drifting into the in-between. I felt transported to a forest scene. The trees towered overhead and there came with them a feeling of being in a tropical area. I was either laying on the ground or standing and looking up. My gaze was pulled to a structure in the distance. Then I saw it. Through the trees, its tip towering above the tree tops, was a massive pyramid. It was dark in color and reminded me of a massive volcano.

Seeing the image pulled me out of my reverie and I was covered in subtle energy. There was no communication from my guides so I tried to go to sleep. Within seconds of closing my eyes, the scene reappeared. This time I was looking at the forest canopy high above while also inspecting the forest floor. There was a tiny trickling stream of water meandering through moss, leaves and other forest floor debris. Accompanying this came a feeling of great admiration for nature; of being connected to everything.

Several more flashes of forest images came into my mind as I struggled to sleep. At one point, I was pulled out of one of the scenes by an intense wave of energy that seemed to descend down upon me from my crown into my chest. I took in a huge breath of air from the shock of it. My visual field was filled with hypnagogic imagery – tiny, violet and pink bubbles that moved and flowed together in front of brilliant white background. I was sure I was about to be pulled OOB but my guidance reminded me that OOB travel was no longer useful.


About mid-day yesterday my third-eye began to blaze with energy non-stop. After seemingly little chakra activity this was a surprise so I noted when the blazing was at its peak. It just so happened the most intense period occurred while I was watching the movie Contact. They had just received a signal from the Vega system. When I saw the star charts and the constellation Lyra the buzzing was really intense. This triggered something in me and I knew the night would be eventful.


In the morning my dreams were still vivid and I lingered in the in-between going over them. My guidance was present and one reached out to me and held my hand. His gray, bony hand with oversized finger tips felt cold and woke me up with a start.

Immediately upon realizing I was awake and had just been touched by an alien-looking, cold hand, the guide who had touched me said, “You are alive. Remember.”

Past Life

That is when everything – my dreams, the visions, the movie – came together all at once. That rainforest I kept seeing – it was a past life, one from a very, very long time ago. My guidance said to me, “You are back again. You are a channel. You have always been a channel.” No matter how hard I tried to focus on the rainforest life, I could not figure out where it was. When I thought South America, it felt wrong. The only thing that felt right was Egypt. But was Egypt tropical?

It became very clear to me that this had been my most recent past life on Earth. This was completely confusing. The last life I recall having ended in the early 1970’s. Wasn’t that my past life? No. Apparently that was the walk-out’s past life, not mine. My last life was over 12,000 years ago.

In my confusion, there was a calmness that was ever present and a knowing that cannot be ignored.

Recently I recalled a past life. I am not sure if the two lives are the same one, but I suspect they are. The memory was of being inside a massive temple. The knowing that came with this memory was that I was a priestess and my only job was to commune with our ancestors who were from the stars. No one was allowed to touch me and I spent much of my day isolated except for when I would talk with the ancient ones. I recall having female assistants who dressed and bathed me, but never would they touch me. I also recall that I had body and face piercings and the smell of the burning of strange smelling herbs. Most of the memories are fleeting. Mostly I recall the feeling of isolation; a sadness at being so separate from everyone and a longing to be with another but not being able to pursue it. But there was also a strong mission-oriented feeling that drove out any and all other feelings.

Dream Messages

Then my dreams came flooding into my mind, but not the symbolism, the reality behind them. One dream was about the coming changes and I knew when my daughter was in her 20’s that fossil fuels would no longer be used. They would be available but too costly to pursue. The world would be shifting to sustainable living, but there would be much resistance to this because people like their technology and creature comforts. Communication would be slowed down significantly. I knew this was due in part to a massive electromagnetic disruption that knocked out satellites and disrupted signals. In the dream I was teaching people how to return to life like it was before the technological revolution (cell phones, computers, internet, etc). They were not happy to slow down.

The other message I brought back with me from my dreams was that my time in “hiding” would eventually come to an end. In the dream I was caring for a baby chameleon that died. It became very clear to me that eventually I would not be able to blend in anymore.

My Guidance

At some point I was also able to remember my guidance team, who gave me the word “entourage” in describing their function. I remembered they were always with me in this capacity and that they were also assisting two others of our group who either had or were currently going through this same process. They would not give me a name other than to say they had many names, but at this point I recognized them. Elohim.

They reminded me I was not alone and that the energy sensations I have been feeling were me and to not be afraid of who I am. The heart bliss that has been causing me so much conflict was not from outside of me. It is me. Only certain individuals in the physical would be able to reflect back at me my own energy. This is because they hold similar energy and so remind me of who I am. My guidance also has this effect upon me. I was warned that more heart bliss would be coming and what to do when it does. When the heart bliss hits, I am to sit with it, accept it and allow it to spread, moving it up and out of my crown. They reassured me that eventually this would be my “normal” state. I have trouble imagining this is possible.

I was again reminded, “You are alive.” I am still processing everything. It is hard to accept what I am being shown.




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