No Distractions

Sharing an experience with you all because of the distinctly different personality that I contacted in the experience.

My new guides, as you know, are of the E.T. sort and have been approaching me nightly for the last few nights. Last night I was reprimanded for being too “distracted” from my mission. It was more of a reminder, really, than a reprimand, and I did not take offense or experience any emotional reaction other than to recognize and accept my foolishness. This lack of upset or reaction in itself is out of character for me. However, what was really strange is how my mission felt to me despite not having specific memories of what my mission is. I felt regimented, like a soldier who was reporting to their commander and being reminded to stay on mission. It was such a sudden, strong beingness and it came completely naturally. It is only now, after almost 24hours and some inspection, that I recognize the very distinctness of it.


In recognizing this change in myself, I must admit I got nervous because I know without a doubt that this is the walk-in personality emerging and so it makes the soul exchange that much more real. It IS happening! The beingness of this part of me is so completely alien to me (pun intended here lol) yet at the same time I know it is me. I am that soldier. I have a mission and I can’t get distracted and go on tangents here and there. The memory of preparing to come here (Earth) was tangible, though unspecific. It was more of a feeling of multiple warnings to not allow the human experience to swallow me up. In these warnings, I was reminded that Earth was created as a vacation spot – a place to splurge in the pleasures of feeling. The temptations are many and the potential for misuse and abuse is high. I had become distracted by this body and the sensations it offered me. Ha! That is not me at all. I guess it is now……


I must admit, the experience of the Union and the subsequent blissful episodes along with the alignment and reactivation of my lower three chakras has awakened me to my body all over again. It is hard to reign it all in. I have never had this problem before. It is easy to fall victim to this human body and the sensations it comes with. It is even harder when my heart is exploding with bliss! And every time I communicate with my new guides I contact that bliss, though only slightly. I am grateful of the substantial muting of the heart connection they are providing me at this time. I understand this is a lesson and part of my mission, but when the bliss comes on I lose functionality. How can They expect me to not be distracted by it!?

Thankfully, after the reminder my thoughts were reigned in immediately. My mind went into quiet mode and all chakra sensation ceased. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. Anymore heart bliss and I am doomed.



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2 Responses to No Distractions

  1. Karin says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I can so relate to the feeling of being regimented and reprimanded. All these spiritual teachings talk about ‘do what you love’ or ‘follow your joy’. But I often think that it does not always work this way. At least not in my case. Here it is more ‘you better do what you have been told by guidance, or else…’ .
    Probably, the joy will come later. I don’t know yet.
    I have had a series of dreams recently, where I was shown the reasons for my procrastination. It was so much that my guide asked me in between whether I am sure that I can take more.

    ” In these warnings, I was reminded that Earth was created as a vacation spot – a place to splurge in the pleasures of feeling.”
    Oh, really? Good to know about that! Whenever I feel pissed off and annoyed again, I will remember this statement. Maybe it makes things easier.

    I can also relate to the bliss and the consequence of losing functionality. I don’t know whether we are talking about the same thing and have only different words to describe the same experience. But for me, this focusing on the void brings up a blissful feeling which is unparalleled by any joy which comes from the 3d world via my five senses. No chocolate cake and no spa wellness day can give me this bliss which comes from focusing on the void.

    I guess that is why the famous Indian sage Ramana Maharshi got almost swallowed up by the bliss fo the void and other people had to take care of him and feed him.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, the bliss feeling is unlike anything I have ever experienced. There is nothing in this physical experience that comes close to the feeling. Makes it harder to function here. 😦

      The regimented feeling is new for me. I feel like I am not allowed the enjoy this place and this body while doing my work. I have asked if I will be allowed later and was told I would, so I guess it is only temporary. But for me it is almost torturous to have all these amazing feelings that have been dormant so long and not follow through with them.

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