Exchange and Alignment Process Initiated

I know I have been instructed to abstain from posting daily, but last night was way too energetically eventful to skip today. As was promised, March 9th has already proved to be quite an intense day!

At around midnight, I was awakened by a major thunderstorm. Prior to waking, I had shifted into the in-between and was receiving instruction on what I can only guess was the full acquisition of the energy centers of this body. Though I do not recall the specific energy centers, I have full memory of shifting into an energetic “body” and being overcome by the most uncomfortable feeling when I did so. The energy was very erratic and jumpy. This made me want to withdraw immediately but I could not because I was to align the energy centers of this body for my own use. The main memory is of being right next to this energy body and stepping into it. I moved fully into the energy, which appeared like a dense, moving mass of lights comparable to a fireworks display except the sparks seemed to swim around inside the mass of energy. Putting on this energy made me feel very anxious and tense. I don’t know why this was, but as I woke I was trying to adjust to the uncomfortable feeling of this energy and physical body and was not doing too well. The energy felt totally wrong!


The first thing I recall upon waking is that my entire body hurt, especially my legs and hips. It felt like I had been exercising vigorously and my muscles were overtired and sore from exertion. My hips were so painful that I could not stay in one position for very long and ended up getting out of bed to stretch. The entire length of my spine felt raw as well. In fact, it was as if every nerve in my body was screaming. I wondered briefly if this was what Fibromyalgia felt like.

Additionally, my head was pounding from sinus pressure. My neck was especially affected. The symptoms of my cold hit me full force and I could not stop coughing and I could not breathe. Additionally, my daughter was having a meltdown because of the thunderstorm. She has an illogical fear of thunderstorms and wanders the house whimpering until the storm passes. This was a 3 hour storm!

Thankfully, I was able to return to sleep. During this time the energy exchange continued, though my main memory of it is via the dream I had. What little I retain of the experience is fading already but I do know that the energy of this physical body is really in need of adjustment and my purpose now is to realign the energy centers to suit my own needs and energetic signature. It will be a lengthy process, too.

Finally, I had a vivid in-between encounter with a man. I could hear his voice very clearly to my left. The discussion we were having was about autism and the similarities and difference between autistic individuals and people such as myself (walk-in’s, Starseeds, Volunteers). I wish I could remember what all we said to each other, but now I only know that the main difference is how we organize and process in-coming information via our senses. The main memory I have of this interaction is of the man. He was almost completely orange/gold in color and sitting like the Buddha. When he moved it was very slow and typically he only moved his hands and arms. Very strange!

My morning has since been very uncomfortable. My body feels wrong. I hurt all over, just like I did when I first got this cold. I burst into tears when my husband began to prepare to leave for work because I feel I cannot handle another day of tending to my children instead of myself. Plus, he is about to leave on a trip to Georgia tomorrow morning and will be gone until next Monday! I don’t know how I am going to make it through the next five days when I am this sick! Additionally, our a/c is acting up and I have to meet with a repairman today and confront a likely a/c replacement which will cost $6k or more.

I feel as if a pile of bricks is on my shoulders this morning. Something’s gotta give.

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3 Responses to Exchange and Alignment Process Initiated

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Yes, YES and yes!

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  2. truthcodex says:

    All the things, yikes! You can do this Dayna. ❤

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