Observe and Collect Data

I feel particularly strange today. I suspect the walk-in personality is back in the forefront.

The first sign that something was different came yesterday afternoon. I suddenly had a pain in the right side of my neck akin to whiplash. I figured it would go away after a good night’s sleep but this morning it is even more painfully obvious.

Another odd occurrence – I had gone to bed at 9:30pm and must have passed out. When I woke up at 10 I was 100% sure I had slept the entire night and it was 10am. It took me a good while to connect the dark night sky with 10pm. I was completely disoriented.

When I was awakened at 5:30am I was being spoken to by one of my guides. I think he was talking to me, but then what I was saying back to him made no sense. The first thought I sent to him was, “Cancer”. This took me by surprise and I was instructed, “Do not allow her to be alarmed”. Huh? I remained calm and then he continued. “Remember you are here to observe and collect data.” I saw in my mind streams of memories, my memories, one after the other along with visuals of day-to-day life. It was as if one were superimposed upon the other but both were distinctly separate. I responded, “Yes. Collect and process data. Remain the observer.”


I figured I was delirious from this stupid cold and rolled over and focused on going back to sleep.

Then I was viewing images in my head and continuing to hear an on-going conversation with my guide about “processing information” and “observing”. I had memories from this life randomly popping up and at one point it was as if I were viewing a screen full of multiple photographs from images in my life; as if my mind were being accessed and the files (memories) viewed.

Then I was discussing chemo therapy with a woman and viewing the inside of what was most obviously a hospital. I was preparing to drink some kind of radioactive liquid and go into an MRI. This startled me and I thought, “I have never been in an MRI have I?” but then I couldn’t remember and began to think I must have been in an MRI because I remember being in one. It took me a moment to get my mind straight and realize that no, I had never been in an MRI and had never drank any radioactive liquid. The only memory even close to that was drinking the nasty pink, Kool-Aid drink they have pregnant women drink to test their blood glucose levels.

Every time I wanted to panic about what I was seeing/experiencing I would get a reminder, “Do not fall into her old patterns and habits” or some similar message.

I made myself get out of bed because all of this was just not making any sense. Since then I have been just as sick as I was two days ago. Coughing, headache, hot flashes – just a general feeling of malaise. I also have a strange energy over my body. It feels odd, as if my entire body is about to go numb but it never does.

The day continues to be strange. I could not remember what day it was. I swore it was Friday and it took me a few minutes to figure out it is Thursday and only because the trash is out by the curb and so I know its trash day. Trash day = Thursday. I continue to be unbearably hot but I took my temperature and it was 97.7. I keep hearing reminders in my head of what I need to do and when. It is like I have a little personal secretary in my head. For example, I was taking my vitamins but then forgot what I was doing in the middle of it and was reminded, “Remember to take your vitamins”. Huh?

Then there are memories surfacing from last night. An in-depth discussion on human emotional reactions and reminders to remember I am not human and to remember who I am. There was a reminder of how information is processed much more slowly here (on Earth). With this comes an entire understanding of the reflectiveness of human emotions and to observe this phenomenon in order to not become the effect of it.

I want to panic, but I’m not. I just feel calm and know this is normal.  I feel like me, but I am very obviously not.







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3 Responses to Observe and Collect Data

  1. truthcodex says:

    Hey Dayna, you’re not alone in feeling disorientation. I’ve been home from work the last couple days and can’t seem to get enough sleep – even after a full night of it I nap for hours. My fiance feels strange in her body and not feeling too well. Whatever this is, it’s affecting many of us.

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