Disorientation and Change of Venue

Today has been an odd day so far. I did not sleep well because of this chest cold and awoke at 12:30am feeling out of sorts. Physically, I felt a heaviness in my chest indicating fluid was present. This alarmed me. I do not like being sick! I also had stomach upset and lower back pain.

Mentally I was in a panic. The dream I had prior to waking suggested I was having an internal war with myself. This in itself was unsettling, but the feeling that came with it was that it was “normal” and to allow the feelings to surface for inspection. Yet I could not quiet my mind. I was concerned that I would just get more and more sick. I imagined myself developing pneumonia with a very high fever resulting in delirium. This scenario seemed appropriate considering a soul exchange was in process and I had read that oftentimes illness precipitates the final exchange. My guidance interrupted my thoughts, reminding me that illness of such extremes was not necessary and only used as a last resort. This did not settle my mind or nerves. I was convinced that I was headed toward extreme illness. My body felt wrong in ways I cannot even describe.


Unable to sleep, I went downstairs for a drink of water and took some Benadryl. My mind was racing. I was receiving messages from my Team. Specifically I kept hearing, “There has been a change of venue.”  I didn’t understand why I would get such a message and it seemed only to make me that much more confused. There were other messages as well, messages using words that I struggled to comprehend; messages that are lost to me now.

Thankfully, I was able to fall asleep and this morning I have no more concerns that I will fall gravely ill. I understand that the messages I received in the night were not meant for me, but for the walk-in. This is why they made no sense to me.

I am still sick and now so is my husband. I awoke very, very hot. So much so that I started stripping off my clothing just to get cool. My temperature is normal now, but when I was experiencing this intense body heat I had difficulty thinking and was sure I was about to lose my mind.

There was an urge to review this blog. Following the urge increased my disorientation. I could not remember posting certain posts here! When did I do that? There is a date, so I know I wrote the posts, but the feeling I get when reading them is that I didn’t write them. Someone else did. But then I did. What??

The specific posts I do not feel I wrote are the ones that are not channeled. One would think it would be the channeled posts I would not remember. Nope. I wrote those. No doubt.

And I have this strange feeling that I have not been here for almost a week. Where have I been? I remember living my life, but I am strangely detached from it. It seems like a very in-depth dream I had.



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4 Responses to Disorientation and Change of Venue

  1. litebeing says:

    Funny, this seems more like a inbetweenlife post. The ones here usually sound robotic and channeled. I hope you had your husband heal soon and that you keep your sense of humor ( I like the meme you posted here.)

    You are not alone, you are supported ❤

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you.

      Sorry if this blog seems robotic. I did not intend that. The channeling has been somewhat enforced and it was hard to write this post because they wanted to come through.

      I have reorganized the blog this morning and intend to continue to streamline it. There will likely be more channeled messages coming. I can sense the messages even now.

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      • litebeing says:

        Not a judgement Dayna. It is what it is. I was trying to draw a contrast between your personality? and that which seems to be more emotionless. I find most channelings to be robotic. I applaud what you have created on both blogs and with the vlogs. Sorry for any offense.

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      • Dayna says:

        No offense taken. I am in a strange place this morning. Sick. Disoriented. Trying to figure out who the hell I am. lol I feel as if I was elsewhere for a week and now I’m back. And I don’t know which I am – the walk-in or the walk-out. I suspect the walk-out but then when I reviewed this blog I did not remember writing the stuff the walk-out wrote!? Whaaat??

        I’m going to lie low today. Rest and recuperation are on my agenda.

        Thank you for caring so much. ❤

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