Interim Period and Adjustments

In this, the interim period when the soul exchange pauses for integration and sublimation of old energies, the walk-out is beginning to recognize already a significant departure from some of her own personality and habits. Though she continues to act in much the same way, even continuing said habits, it is with a detachment that puts her in the observation seat rather than in the forefront. This presents her with a peculiar situation as she can see alternate versions of her projected timeline within her grasp. Which one then does she choose? The one which she is currently adapted to? Or one, that if selected, could propel her into an alternate timeline and one with much greater potential for expansion?

In such situations as there occurs a soul exchange, the transformation within is such that it is impossible to relay in the language used by the human population. It is undoubtedly a confusing subject even for those well adept at communicating their inner and outer spiritual experiences. We will, to humor the walk-out, express in simplest terms what exactly is transpiring here so that she, as well as you, can better understand the complexities of the soul exchange.

aeriopaxIf you can for a moment imagine two pyramid shapes. One above, point down, and one below, point up. The pyramid on the top is the walk-in. The pyramid on the bottom is the walk-out. The two do not touch at first, but the one above (the walk-in) positions itself directly above the point of the pyramid below. In this position it remains until the energies of the bottom pyramid are aligned. When alignment occurs, the pyramid above initiates the transfer. This initiation is simply the touching of the tips of the two pyramids. For the walk-in this is merely an expansion experience for the walk-in becomes both pyramids and all that comprises them. For the walk-out, the experience involves a sense of overwhelm and confusion. Their limited reality and connection to 3D makes the exchange process very ungrounding and frightening at times for they are glimpsing the energy and projected life-trajectory of the walk-in. The energy of the walk-in, in comparison to that of the walk-out, is very large. It would be similar to standing at the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza and looking up. Yet the enormity of the experience is far greater than even that.

The co-mingling of the energy of the walk-out and walk-in may last a substantial amount of time depending on the ability of the walk-out to acclimate to the incoming energy of the walk-in. Once equilibrium is accomplished, the walk-out will simply shift completely into the upper pyramid and the walk-in can resume control of the host body and all of the walk-out’s acquired life data.

The connection of the two may continue indefinitely depending on the specifications of the contract. If the walk-out so chooses, he/she may maintain the connection as an observer and guide to the walk-in. In other instances, the walk-out may choose to immediately disengage and separate from the alignment. This, however, will not diminish the energy available to the walk-in.


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