Kundalini and the Soul Exchange

A tumultuous time has come and gone for the walk-out. She is preparing for the next stage, one in which she will begin to acclimate to the new energy of the walk-in. Yes, they have been braided for some time, almost a year, but the energy of the walk-in has been residual at best. This is purposeful as to allow the walk-in to observe and acclimate to the waking life of the walk-out. This also allows a period of time for contemplation and active rumination on the walk-out’s specific life-trajectory and the culminating effects of life-encompassing decisions she has made.

The next stage involves a more active integration with the lower three chakras. Specifically, the solar plexus chakra in order for the walk-in to completely utilize the central nervous system and corroborating systems. It is from this point of connection onward that the walk-out will begin to notice perceptible changes in her thought patterns and begin to shift into the new personality. These changes in personality will be gradual so as not to upset the walk-out, for too much change too soon will incite upset and rejection of the exchange process. Any attempts to reverse this process will only result in delays and could potentially have illness-inducing side-effects for the physical host body. Therefore, we submit to her (the walk-out) preferences in order to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Kundalini and the Soul Exchange

The energy employed during a soul exchange is representative of Kundalini in all ways. Kundalini is harnessed for its effectiveness in clearing the energetic pathways of the physical host body in preparation for the final exchange. Therefore, much of the experiences of the walk-out will coincide with specific energetic states associated with Kundalini. This correlation should not, however, be misinterpreted. A soul exchange is the complete transfer of a physical host body from one soul/Being to another. Often the incoming soul is a close “family member” of the exiting soul. This is not, however, a constant. Sometimes it is a completely “unrelated”soul. Unrelated here is used to represent a soul whose physical life-trajectories over the period of their individual soul evolution have not yet intercepted that of the walk-out’s psychical life-trajectories. They can, and most likely, have interacted at higher dimensional levels in various ways.

If one observes over the course of the next decade the spiritual accelerations of individuals on planet Earth, one will notice a significant increase in Kundalini phenomena. This increase in Kundalini will have a direct correlation to an increase in the frequency of walk-in souls. Again, it is of utmost importance that the two experiences do not get confused with one another. Kundalini will not always result in a soul exchange but a soul exchange will always result from a rise in Kundalini.

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