Panel Discussion Proceedings

In this stage there is a Life Review in process. This is where the walk-out reviews her current life from birth to present. In this arena there is much cause for concern with the walk-out as she is acutely aware on both a conscious and subconscious level of the reason for such a process. It resembles much the five stages of grief that one proceeds through when they have been told they have a terminal illness and should prepare for death. The walk-out acknowledges this process and is moving into the acceptance stage, though this acceptance can and most likely will waver and revert to another stage in the process as time passes.

Typically when death is approaching, the panel review occurs prior to death and then continues after death for a period of time. The length of time varies depending on the individual and the amount of releasing of the life and attachments to that life/body that is needed. The individual is not often consciously aware that such a review occurs prior to death, but it is always part of the process.


In instances of a walk-out, the review panel prepares the individual for the disconnect from the body in much the same way as with any individual preparing for departure. Oftentimes a normal death involves lingering energetic connections with the physical body and life which can stretch into months and sometimes years after death. However, with a walk-out the disconnect must be complete; there can be no lingering energetic connections, otherwise the walk-in cannot completely anchor into the physical body and the walk-out will cause interference. Therefore, there must be a severing of all connection to the life and the physical body. Energetically, this process culminates in complete detachment from all energy centers.

The length of time needed for the walk-out to release all connections is indeterminable. We anticipate delays and have adjusted our calculations accordingly.


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