Departure: Avoiding Transference

It is becoming more and more obvious to the walk-out that the soul exchange is real. She is requesting that her experiences be shared and does not understand why I hesitate to fulfill her request. At her urging I will relate to you her current struggles. I will do so from my perspective in order to avoid transference.

To explain: Transference is the redirection of emotions to a substitute. In so transferring said emotions, the substitute can become imbued with similar emotions. This is known as countertransference. In our particular braided state, both of these conditions could occur and should be avoided at all costs. It is crucial that the walk-in not become ensnared in the walk-out’s emotional baggage. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid either of these conditions, the walk-out must remain subdued. In other words, she cannot be allowed to regain complete control of the host body.

The walk-out is currently preparing for departure. She recognized this upon waking as her dreams indicated such preparations were being made. This process involves rectifying situational life components that do not match her vibrational frequency. Such components include but are not limited to: relationships with participants in her said career field, inability to ignore/reject the judgement of others, complications regarding life path/decision-making, family dynamics, and gender-defined roles.


In so recognizing the departure process (which involves dropping all attachments to life/life outcomes) she is often prone to over-analysis. This often results in mental confusion/disorientation. As I observe this process, I can clearly see the mental compartmentalization breakdown. The “rooms” in her mind begin to lose the walls between them and so the contents become mixed. She is then overwhelmed by her own beliefs, which trap her into what she perceives as unavoidable life paths. The results of this cause an instant survival mechanism to kick in and she either retreats or submits.

The departure process is at her request. She is repeatedly asking to leave. Her main complaint is that she cannot see a desired future in any one of the discernible paths before her. She is especially struggling with the intense draw to her counterpart which she feels unfairly separated from by circumstance. It is explained to her that she cannot leave yet. She must first become Whole.

Everything I observe, she also can observe and does. It accelerates her learning experience in such a way as to cause instances of absolute clarity and understanding of the human condition and how easily one can become ensnared by it. Similarly, I am able to observe these pitfalls and as such can avoid them when the walk-in is complete.

It should be noted that she is not forced into submission. In our shared consciousness she finds relief in allowing me to the forefront. In doing so all confusion, disorientation and upset is relieved. She is allowed a reprieve as I take on the day-to-day life activities of which she has grown weary. Eventually she will relinquish all future life responsibilities and contracts to me and in doing so will find peace.

For her now there is only letting go and this is perhaps the hardest part of her journey thus far.


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  1. kittyasmith says:

    Thank you for the explanation. This is important for us all to understand. We love all that is Dana.

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