The Magik of La Luna

Based upon the events of last night, it appears that my particular situation is being used for teaching purposes. My teacher and classmates got a great laugh out of it as well.

All of my experience came as a dream at first. I will tell it, since it is apparently extremely funny to those who were observing and to my teacher who was part of the “demonstration”. I did, eventually, laugh about it, too, but really do not prefer to be made the example.

lalunaDream: A Demonstration

I was suppose to meet my husband at a restaurant but he did not tell me where it was. I went searching for it and saw a large sign that said, “Luna” on it. When I saw it I ran in the opposite direction as fast as I could go. I did NOT want anything to do with La Luna. lol

I entered this strange place where I was stopped by a security guard wearing a black uniform. I walked past him and opened a door, which I had thought was the exit. Turned out it was a bathroom so I went back out and toward the front of the room.

There I met my husband who was asking me if it would be okay if he had more children with this other woman. He introduced me to her and I got very angry at him and told him, “Absolutely not!” She was drop-dead gorgeous. It was then that I realized we were at a place which specializes in sexual pleasure. What?!

I headed toward the back again, looking for an exit. An officer approached me and began to try and calm me down. I saw in front of me a white operating table that was tilted at an angle. To the left of this table sat a man wearing a white robe. He had white-blonde hair and was very tall with broad shoulders. He looked familiar. I knew him to be “the facilitator”. He smiled at me and gestured toward the table.



I saw that between him and the table was this see-through, white, glass table with silver undertones. The whole table glowed. In the center of it came out this oblong shaft that held luminescent, white crystals. They looked like moonstone. For some reason, when I saw them, I thought they were dildos and retracted from them. But in hindsight they were very obviously not sexual play toys at all. LOL

I ended up laying down on the table, but my upper body was elevated. I was very uncomfortable and wanted to leave. The blonde man approached me and said, “Let me show you. It is easy.” I was completely mortified.

Before I knew it he was hovering over me holding this moonstone-like luminescent object. I thought he was going to do sexual things to me. In fact, I knew it. As he got closer there was this calm coming from him. I could feel it strongly. He was still encouraging me to allow him to do whatever it was he was intending to do.

I was in the midst of giving him excuses for why I had to leave when he bent over me and kissed me firmly on the lips. I remember saying to him, “Um, I guess I could stay for a little bit.” LOL I could feel my root chakra light up and my solar plexus tingling.

Then he was touching me all over. I thought it was sexual, but now I know it was not that at all. My mind was going a 100 miles an hour. I remember trying to talk myself out of participating.

At one point he said to me, “I can hear your thoughts you know.” I froze and then started thinking about not thinking. Suddenly, though, I realized there was no hiding from him if he was in my mind. This brought complete and utter relief. I felt free to be myself; free from worry. Free! I thought to him, “I don’t have anything to hide. I am wide open to you.” And I was so happy to be that way. I knew it was my natural state.

At this point I was trying to read his thoughts to no avail. Apparently I was wide open but he could block his thoughts. What? Why couldn’t I do that?

I gave up on that. I didn’t care. I was finally free and loving it. As far as I was concerned, he could do anything he wanted to me. LOL

That’s when I woke up and he was laughing hysterically at me and I knew what was going on. NOT funny!

Class Demonstration

I knew with certainty that my particular situation was being broadcast to my fellow classmates as a demonstration of how to heal past wounds. I am not sure how this healing is done, apparently with some kind of crystal obelisks. I do know that the point of the exercise was to demonstrate how to “test” the lower chakras’ functionality. I could feel my root chakra light up intensely. Functional. LOL My third chakra also buzzed pleasantly. Functional. My second chakra? A no go. hahahaha

There was more to this lesson, but I will go into it in another post. I wanted to share one last thing with you, though.

Since I was causing such hysterics I asked, “Are we [humans] always so serious?”

He answered, “Yes”.

I asked, “All of us?”

He said, “Yes”.

“Then why do you laugh?”

He said, “Because we’re not [serious]”.

Then I started laughing. It really was funny.



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