The Heart as a Conduit

I have been having a very interesting phenomena occurring since February 18th. I have resisted writing about it because, honestly, it makes me feel like I am going a bit insane. Yet it continues to manifest and my guidance is telling me it will continue.

My personal experiences thus far are confusing but I am getting past that. What appears to be happening is that I have somehow established a permanent link which enables me to communicate heart to heart with another person. However, I have no way to confirm that the communication is even happening. I just know that when it happens, it is not always me initiating the connection and there is a definite start and end to the communications.

I will give an example of a recent “connection” to try and help you all understand.

I was in the kitchen yesterday afternoon when suddenly my heart started blazing and I received a communication via my heart. I won’t say what was communicated, but I always end up saying, “This is insane. I’m going crazy.” lol Then I end up laughing at the whole thing because it really is crazy and cool at the same time.

I  also recently had an instance where I felt an intense emotional burst hit my heart chakra. When this happened yesterday afternoon I got an immediate sense of what was going on somewhere else. This has only happened once so far and it was enough to stop me in my tracks. I had no idea how to respond, though. I wish I could have.

This is what my guidance has to say about what is happening:

balance-heart-chakraA New Communication

The new Hue-man will be capable of great things; things beyond which current humans believe is even possible. But many, like you, will be the forerunners of a new type of communication, one that uses the heart center as a conduit for thought.

It will manifest itself in different ways for different individuals. For all, a strong heart connection must be first established. Without this, the channel will not open nor can it be utilized.

The phenomena you are now experiencing is a tuning in to the connection which was established on the 18th. From now on there is potential for this channel to open up, with or without your full participation in it. Accompanying this communication there will always be a heart energy felt, one that often times can seem debilitating but most frequently is perceived as a tingling, warm, pleasant sensation. There comes also an instant linking with the person with whom the connection was previously established.

In these beginning stages there is much to learn about this connection. Your thoughts and emotions, if not kept under control, are easily broadcast to the other person. This is why We often interrupt you and ask you to “rein in” your thoughts and emotions and have guided you on what is “appropriate” and “inappropriate” in such situations. Thank you for listening for we know it is not an easy task to control that which has previously been so uncontrolled.

Eventually, you will be able to initiate communication similar to making a phone call. You “dial in” to the person, wait for acceptance and then a two-way link is established. With this communication comes more than thoughts/words. There is, as you know, a whole plethora of emotions, feelings, experiences, and sensations with which you have little experience in handling. Thus, we recommend a slow utilization of this method of communication.


I have spoken to a couple of friends about this phenomena since it was so new to me and I thought I was losing my mind. To my surprise, both confirmed having similar abilities. I guess eventually we will be able to communicate with everyone this way. I can’t imagine how cool that would be!

I am still not fully convinced I am not losing it, but such considerations have been part of my journey from the start. Why not now? Just adds to the roller coaster ride.


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13 Responses to The Heart as a Conduit

  1. I’ve experienced this as well, we’re not going crazy! I have a pretty steady constant warm buzz in my heart that has been more intense since the beginning of the year. Sometimes I think I’m going to burst into flames from the heat and intensity. Haha

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    So glad you wrote about this!! You are not loosing it. For weeks now I’ve been having conversations with people I haven’t even met and no proof. It completely different than giving a reading and receiving that validation or receiving a message that you know is true. This is working on the astral level, will assist with manifesting, etc. I’ve been able to do this for awhile with people I do know (have been in their energy) yet now new people are showing up. Oh being so open!

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  3. truthcodex says:

    This is incredible! I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve had inklings of similar situations. 🙂

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    • Dayna says:

      I had an inkling a day before my grand event or Union or whatever it was. I actually heard something like, “You will be able to talk via the heart to ____” and I was like, “Hmm, that would be cool” but I just tossed it as BS. Ha! Right now my intuition/psychic sense is really spot on. It is kinda scary.

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    • Kitty Smith says:

      I feel the same way, the description sounds so possible that I can feel it in my heart chakra. I just have not had the actual conversation.

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  4. herongrace says:

    That’s so cool! Funny synchro yesterday here which may have related to time you wrote this, I happened to pick up some electrical “conduit” at a demo yard and was thinking about the correct way to pronounce it as the guys said it a bit differently, lol!

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